Thursday, August 22, 2013

Gina Marie is Back on Now #BB15

After she fell she said "my spongey thing fell off, is that okay?"

I guess it wasn't, because after TRIVIA she is right back on.  Helen tells Judd that she's been a Have Not for two weeks straight.

Helen:  I can eat at midnight!  I can't wait.

Judd:  Maybe even before that....they've got good food at the Jury House, Helen.

Helen told Candice that Gina Marie tried to save Candice before she left, and that she should know that.  Judd asked Helen who in the house is still together, and Helen said "everybody".

Judd wondered if Elissa voted her out and Helen told him Elissa was the only one to vote for her to stay.

Aaryn had to make an earpiece announcement that Gina Marie's ball bounced before she caught it, so it had to be removed.

Love the dugout.  I've really liked the set design and new competitions this year.

 Elissa is making a lot of Brrrrr noises as the sprinkers pound her.  Or is that Candice.  The balls just walloped them and Judd threatened them not to hit him in the "fucking face".

Helen confirmed that, saying it felt like they were bashed in the head with a baseball.


I didn't think Amanda had it in her...did you?  She needs to win because every other person still up there with her wants her gone.

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