Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Everyone is Buzzing Now...What is Up? #BB15

Apparently Gina Marie has been MIA for awhile.  They think it might have something to do with an upcoming competition and have started looking around the house to see if anything is missing or different.

Production made an announcement during FISH, and based on that Judd sent someone in to get Jessie up. 

They were told to be camera ready, apparently, and the girls are working on that now.

Maybe they will do the first eviction tonight?  To facilitate Candice's "speech" during before the house guests that she has threatened to make?

Here is Judd making his peanut butter and turkey sandwich.  Yes, he really eats that.

And Candice has taken her Clownietard to Candyland, but fashioning the top into a cute halter.

Jessie came in and sassed Judd about waking her up,. but Judd said she needed to be camera ready, but she "looks pretty already".

Will Elissa have the time she needs to get ready?


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