Sunday, August 4, 2013

CBS Show Promoted on Last Week's Show is Cancelled #BB15

Last week Poppy Montgomery from Unforgettable did a taped hosting of the Have Not competition, the one with the police evidence.  Hollywood Reporter has announced the show is cancelled.

You can read the entire Hollywood Reporter article here.  It sucks that BB had to waste a hosting opportunity on a failing CBS property.  After all, last week James Rhine was in town.   He would be a great host for that competition--he used to work in security.

James used to be a security manager of a Nordstrom's here in Atlanta.  That is how he met Sarah, his ex-fiance and partner on BB6.  She worked in the Lingerie department and I guess James did a little surveillance in that area.  I actually shopped with Sarah a few times and she is exactly like you would think she would be.

Anyway, I digress.  There are several long term fans of Big Brother in the house who would have been thrilled to meet someone like James, who made a big impact on the game but has blended back into their own life without becoming a Reality Cartoon.

And the kids from BB Canada were in town, too, just begging for attention.  They could have hosted, and created a big splash of attention, right?


  1. You do realize the article is from May 2012, right? The show was brought back and its second season started last week.

  2. Just because these people are on TV they aren't stars, they aren't famous. They are contestants on a game show that get to call themselves 'houseguests' instead of what they really are 'contestants'. Would anyone from the Price is Right expect to be featured on a future show just because they are in town that weekend. I get that BB is a cult world, but some of these people's fake 15 minutes ran out a long time ago.

  3. I think a BB alumni would be better suited to host than someone whose only affliation to the network is with some random tv show....but eh what do I know? e.g. look at how excited they were to see Britney.
    As much as I like Dennis Quaid, (I watched him film some of Great Balls of Fire when I was little. I've loved him ever since) I didn't care for Vegas. And I couldn't hang with Golden Boy either..snoozefest.

  4. Did the show really die and then come back?

    Ha ha ha. I was drinking red wine when I posted this.



    And I hear what you're saying Timebob, but BB has brought back prior house guests to host competitions many times. And let's not forget Jessie the Wrestler. We've tried to forget him, of course, but he keeps coming back again and again and again.


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