Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Andy's HoH Room #BB15

Usually, the CBS Sunday night show includes a short clip of the new HoH entering the HoH Suite for the first time, along with all of the other house guests, who may or may not be forcing themselves to appear interested.

CBS did not include footage of Andy's HoH Room reveal last Sunday, probably because of all of the Judd Blindside hoopla and all of the Man Crying.

But maybe they didn't show it because it was just plain weird.  I mean, allegedly.

CBS just tweeted out this link where you can watch a free clip that is under two minutes long.  However I will highlight the parts here that I think you need to know, friends.  These are the main two items shown in the CBS clip.

That pile of gray rags is Andy's "security blanket" that he has slept with his whole life. 

Andy:  I didn't want to bring it here because I was afraid I would lose it.

(Is that really what you were afraid of, Andy?)

Here is Andy, clutching his precious "blanket", which by now is just shreds of cloth.   The little box is full of Andy's "dead baby teeth" that his mother has been keeping for decades now.

Andy's letter was from his mom.  I'm not sure if she was trying to be funny, or what, but the letter sounded like a fill-in-the-blank letter that could have been written by just about anyone.

Let's get another look at those teeth.  I know that you can't help your parents quirks and habits, but why did she feel the need to send him the teeth for his HoH room?  Couldn't she have sent him something to make his life more comfortable, or a treat of some sort?  Maybe bake him some cookies or something?

Suddenly the kitty cat T-shirt is making more sense to me...

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