Tuesday, July 9, 2013

TMZ Talks to Spencer's Mother! #BB15

TMZ smells a story and goes right after it.  This time they speak with Spencer Clawson's mom, who of course denies that Spencer is in any way a bigot.

I'll say one thing.....we haven't heard from Aaryn's family, nor Gina Marie's, so at least the Clawson family sticks up for their own.

You can read the TMZ story here.  I read a few of the comments and it seems that Hitler does have fans, too.  Whew.  Good luck with that.


People are talking about Spencer's employer saying he is on paid leave, and interpreting it as if he is in the process of being fired.  I do not agree with that....of course he is on paid leave...he took off 3 - 4 months to be on Big Brother!  They're not going to pay him while he's on the show!  That is standard procedure for most companies, for people who take maternity leave, go on military tours of duty, etc.

Personally I just want the train conductor to get everybody to their destination safely.  I don't care what their political views are, but I know that's not the issue here.  I do believe that if we knew what everyone around us was thinking or saying in private, the BB15 issues would not be a shocking a story.

Hate is all around us.  And ignorance, too.

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  1. I would have liked to hear her address his consistent derogatory comments about women. Would she sweep those under the peer pressure rug as well?


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