Thursday, July 11, 2013

Oh No She Didn't! #BB15

At the chess board Aaryn and Kaitlin have been consoling Gina Marie as she sobs, with Nick's red shorts still damp from tears and snot in her lap.  They hear Helen downstairs saying she can't wait to see pictures of her kids, and because her husband doesn't watch the show they will ask him to write a letter and he'll say, "Huh?"

Aaryn:  Can I self evict?

GMZ:  I want to..

Kaitlin:  I want to, too.  I'll go in there and say this game is so unfair..

GMZ, sobbing:  I just can't be around such people...

Aaryn, eating Froot Loops:  These people are fucking awful.

Kaitlin:  All four years of high school was easier than this. (WTF?)

GMZ:  He left his hat here.....(sobbing into his shorts).

Aaryn:  You know they can't compete with us, so they'll do anything to get us out.  So take it as a compliment.

Helen is downstairs telling Jeremy that she asked for lots and lots of wine.  Kaitlin almost made HoH and it kills her to lose.  Kaitlin hears Jeremy making nice downstairs and says it doesn't matter how much he talks to them...they will still vote him out.

GMZ:  And of course they'll ask me to do a Diary lookin' like this....good TV, right guys?

Aaryn:  I think I'm gonna throw up.

Kaitlin, looking down:  Jeremy is literally sitting there with Helen and Candice.

Aaryn:  I told you, he's playing only for himself.

Kaitlin can't believe Jeremy was out of the competition in the first round and says "are you fucking kidding me?"  Gina Marie thinks Nick would have "killed" the competition too.

Aaryn:  Never in any other season has shit gotten this real this fast.  These people are garbage.

And then Gina Marie went there...

GMZ:  And Jessie!  That fuckin' cunt!  She only voted this way because she couldn't get Nick!  So she had to settle for thirds ....or fourths...with fucking Judd!  I'm surprised she didn't fuckin' go with Spencer.  She's a fucking hose bag!  I told ya from the fuckin' beginning....

Kaitlin:  I could tell from the question they asked her that they showed her going from guy to's embarassing.

Aaryn:  Even if she wins the money, the entire country knows she's garbage.  So if she wins the money, good she's gonna need it, because she won't be able to get a job!

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