Monday, July 8, 2013

Nick Takes a Seat #BB15

Or, in the words of Frank Eudy, Nick popped a squat on the nomination couch.  Nick adopts the appropriate mannerisms to convey worry and sadness, but inside I know Nick Uhas is full of circuitry and wires.

And I mean that as a compliment, Nick.  You  know that.

 GMZ is bummed.  Nick's not just her showmance, she's planning on marrying him and having kids.

Amanda sits down and gives them both some encouraging words, but it felt like she was mainly talking to Gina Marie.

Nick shaved, so he looked nice for the PoV ceremony.

Judd came over and mumbled something that could be construed as a pleasantry.

Nick is tired and wants to take a nap right now.  GMZ follows him back to the bedroom, chattering all the way.
GMZ:  Nick, do I look like a barbie doll?

Nick:  Yes.

GMZ starts digging under her dress for what I hope was a mic pack adjustment, but she did it on both sides so who the hell knows.  Jessie came in and GMZ bragged that her skirt was from Charlotte Russe and she paid $2 for it.  No one argues with her about that.

Poor Nick just wants to sleep, and drown out the chatter, I'm sure.   Even robots need to recharge occasionally.

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