Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Nick: I'm All About Business #BB15

McCrae:  And business is good!

They giggle devilishly and feel good about where things stand now.  Nick talked to Amanda and feels good about the conversation.  McCrae is pleased with the conversation and Nick adds that when they formed the MC, he told them he would put his blind faith on their group of five, and whatever else happens is bullshit.

Nick says you can say whatever you want about him in the game, but he's on top of it and knows it is part of the plan.  McCrae says that Nick is probably the last person in the game he should trust, but somehow he trusts him the most and Nick feels the same way.

Nick tells him that Aaryn and Kaitlin are at each others' throats right now and it is probably a "PMS thing", but that Jeremy is trying to start everybody ganging up on Kaitlin.

Aaryn burst in to take HoH pictures and tells them "you're going home!" as she takes their pictures.  That is a call back to Old Jerry from BB10 yelling at Libra, if you don't know.

Aaryn's HoH blog was like, this long! 

After she leaves McCrae and Nick shake hands and say "good talk, good talk" and then do their little wave motion and McCrae leaves.  They both feel good about the way things are going.

Nick sits alone for a moment, thinking.

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