Saturday, July 27, 2013

Jessie and Judd #BB15

Jessie went to Judd to try and calm him down, telling him that he is freaking everybody out and he needs to just relax.

Judd:  Who told you that?  Who sent you in here?

Jessie:  Amanda.

Judd keeps saying bad things about Howard.  He mentions Howard's crocodile tears after he was nominated yesterday, trying to play everybody's emotions.  He thinks Howard is the MVP now but Jessie tells him to just relax.

Judd:  I'm calm!  I'm calm!

Jessie:  Judd!  You have an attitude right now!

 Jessie:  Wanna blow job?

Judd snorted, but I'm not sure that was really an answer to the question.

 In the kitchen Gina Marie is making slop balls with Helen and guffawing with laughter like the old days.  You know, when she had all of her clothes and makeup.  And Nick.

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