Saturday, July 27, 2013

Hurry Up and Wait #BB15

The house guests have been waiting around this morning for the PoV Player Pick Ceremony, and more importantly the MVP nomination.   It's happening right now.  Here are a few scenes from this morning in the BB15 house.

Amanda slept in the Have Not room and woke up and crawled in bed with McCrae.  I think she did her make up first, by the looks of it.  I think she has a decent chance of being nominated this week, don't you?

***UPDATE***  While I was writing this post the meeting ended and Amanda was indeed nominated by America.  

Candice sat in bed with Howard and chatted with him as she put on her makeup, getting to know him better.  His first crush was in the 2nd grade and was a "white girl named Shante".  Candice wondered about that name before realizing she was stereotyping poor Shante.  Howard said Shante wasn't interested so his next girlfriend didn't come along until Junior High.

Candice went to an all white school and the first boy she had a crush on told her that he thought she was pretty, but he couldn't date her because his family didn't want him dating a black girl.  She said that when she was a senior in high school one of that boy's brothers "tried to holla at her" and she found out the first boy had been hit by a car.  I am unclear whether he died or not as a result of this accident.  Note that in this conversation Candice and Howard named full names and BB didn't stop them.

At some point Candice started going to a black church so she could meet some black guys.  She really liked a guy when she was 16 but her mom didn't allow her to date him because he was from the wrong side of town.

Howard:  He was from my side of town, then.

Candice had a big Sweet 16 party with a popular local radio DJ as the host, and there was a photographer so that all of the guests could take pictures, like the prom.

Andy is always in such a good mood, even when he's pissed off.  Judd really does get in bad moods, but is still funny because of his accent.

Helen told some fun stories about when she was single and lived in DC.  She had a house that eventually held 13 different roommates as they got married and left town.  One of the roommates sounded like a real freak.  She had hundreds of little dog figurines and would accuse the other roommates of touching them and rearranging them when she wasn't home.

This led Aaryn to look at the memory wall and they all started guessing which dog each house guest would be, if they were a dog. They all agreed that Gina Marie would be a chihuahua, and that Spencer would be a Saint Bernard.  They thought David was a Golden Retriever, Jeremy was a boxer, and Candice was a poodle.

They had a hard time with Jessie, and then Judd said she'd be a Corgi and they all loved it.  They said Nick would be "a dog that turned out to be a rat".  Then they talked about seeing him "at summer camp" and both Andy and McCrae said they thought he looked like a douche.  Spencer commented that Nick always came off like he thinks he is smarter than everybody else.

Nick took some hits this morning, so I wonder if his ears were itching, or burning, or whatever.  

I think Andy is the one who said Elissa's picture looked like one of those where the mouth would move like a cartoon.  Andy also played a game where he would ask questions like "just from the pictures, who do you think needs a good fuck the most?"  He said Elissa definitely needs a good stiff one.   David won for the picture that looks like the stupidest person.  Andy said that based on the pictures alone, Gina Marie would be one of the people he would want to align with.

They said Candice's picture looks like she's on Head of the Class - New Generation, and then they joked that she'd have some great catch phrases on the show, like "welcome to Candy Land!  I'm gonna fuck you up, boo!".  It was really funny.

Aaryn came out and did the "House guests, it's time to pick players for the Veto!".  She messed up the first time and had to do it again.  After she did it the second time she went back in, and I guess they told her it was okay so she just came out and we went to FISH.


  1. McCrae said that he would bet $5, 000 that Howard is the MVP...ha! It's so funny when people mention Judd's accent. His hometown is about an hour from where I live, so I understand him perfectly.
    Here's some useless info that you might find interesting: Nick is now rooting for Howard. McCranda's moms share the same b-day. Amanda's dad tried to justify Amanda's cruel remarks to Candice by saying Candice started it by calling her a Jew girl. A bunch of people started arguing with him and he said he was leaving Twitter because of it. (Which I doubt he will.) He did say that she was wrong though. He seems like a really nice guy and supportive dad.

  2. Candice not only called Amanda a Jew Girl, she brought up the money stereotype, and announced McCrae only makes $134 each week. (Actually $136 per McCrae.) This is why Judd hates Candice and calls her a money grubbing whore.

    I am in Atlanta and when I heard Judd say he lived near Knoxville I have to admit I thought about making the trip to watch one of the live shows in the bar with his friends. What a trip that would be!

    You really can't win on Twitter. I know Amanda's dad wants to stick up for her, but there are so many assholes who love to just throw the grenade and run.

  3. The house seems to be blaming Candice for all sorts of nonsense. Now #BlameCandice is trending...and some of the tweets are hilarious. Have you seen any of them yet?


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