Monday, July 15, 2013

Howard Stern: Big Brother....Is That Show Still On? #BB15

In Robin's news today, she brought up the Hate Gate controversy and said this is the first time CBS has had to present a disclaimer before the CBS show about the house guest's racial views not being shared by CBS.

Howard wondered if Big Brother was still on the air and Robin said, "yes, every summer". 

Howard:  Well, who else would go on a reality show in a house all summer? What else do they have to do? 

Robin played two clips from the show---first the one from last night where Aaryn denied making any racial remarks, and then played the "What Chu Gonna Do Gurl?" clip that has been featured on TMZ.  (You can see that here.)  I know Howard is still super-bitter about Scott Einzinger leaving his job with Howard to join the Big Brother crew years ago, because otherwise he would have commented on how hot the girls on BB15 are this year.  Instead he just wanted to move on, after insulting all of us who watch or participate in the show.

And Robin didn't do a very good job setting up the two clips, because there were a lot of better sound bites that she could have played to demonstrate all of the hatred in the BB house this year.  But no one on the show can criticize Robin now, you know, because of her Serious Yet Undisclosed Medical Condition.

(I'm guessing she needs a transplant of some sort, since she has been broadcasting from home for well over a year after the sudden emergency surgery to remove a softball-sized tumor, but I don't know for sure, of course.)

JD Harmeyer and Ralph Cirella from the Howard Stern show watch Big Brother, but even if Howard watched the show he would never admit it.  The bad blood runs that deep for Howard, and he's an NBC guy now that he's on America's Got Talent.

Is that show still on?

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