Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hinky MVP Votes May Be the Big Story This Week #BB15

A reader let me know that there was a campaign to vote Elissa for MVP this week, even though we know the vote was for the nomination, not the MVP.

I know many people knew exactly what was going on here, but I'm also sure this ruse ensared a few innocent voters. 

But if the internet is going to help you with something, it's only fair that it can hurt you too, I guess.  I don't think Middle America ever votes for anything like this anyway, just the Super Fans or people obsessed with being "friends" with former players.

Check out the top posts for #elissa4mvp this week.

And here are a few posts from Big Brother Gossip after we all learned that Elissa was nominated.

This kind of reminds me of Howard Stern's "Vote for Sanjaya" compaign when a horrible singer named Sanjaya was on American Idol and these "fan" votes kept him in the competition weeks longer than he should have been there.  I don't even watch American Idol but I voted for Sanjaya a few times  myself, because Howard told me to.

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