Monday, July 8, 2013

Elissa is Getting All Dolled Up #BB15

for the PoV ceremony.  Maybe she wants to rotate in a few more ensembles before her Big Sit Down with The Chenbot.  This week maybe?  Or will she squeak out another live vote on Thursday night?

FYI I don't think they know yet that the live show has moved to Thursdays, because I heard Judd counting out loud regarding the number of days until Wednesday.  Or maybe Wednesday is just a special day for him.  Who knows.

Helen had Elissa practice her lines again.

 Elissa is loaning Helen this shirt for the ceremony.  Helen has a speaking role today, too.

Elissa has little plastic bags full of her jewelry.   I wasn't sure what she was digging out of that bag but it wasn't what I was hoping for.

Look for Candice to wear Judd's "wildlife" shirt that he wore on the last live show.  I saw her wearing it and she said she had to "rep her boo" when the other girls laughed.  I hope she does wear it, it is so hideous it's cute.  But I don't think it goes with her makeup or elaborate hair style today.

Here she is, wearing it.  She put a belt on it!

Candice:  I'm trying to make this bear shirt cute!

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