Saturday, July 20, 2013

America Voted.....Holy Cow #BB15

Elissa is the MVP's nomination for eviction.  Do you think America didn't understand the question?

I'm thinking CBS overestimated America's comprehension skills.  They were programmed to vote for Elissa and weren't sure why.

McCrae got picked for PoV and either Amanda or Helen...not sure yet.

***UPDATE***  Helen is the PoV player


  1. There were several twitter pages telling everyone to vote El for MVP knowing that they were tricking people. But hey, it was their own fault for not reading the rules. I think she is ready to go home anyway.

  2. you know which ones? I would love to report on that. You KNOW Rachel is going to put up a stink about that.

  3. BigBrotherGossip and bbgossip were two of the main ones but there were several. Look up #elissa4mvp. People were making fake accounts just to vote her out.


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