Saturday, July 27, 2013

Amanda Popped an Adderall #BB15

Everyone in the HoH is trying to prepare Amanda for the competition.  McCrae is using his vast Big Brother knowledge to guess which type of competition it is, and how they can win.  They seem to be thinking the competition will involve "dropping" at a certain time point and there is a lot of discussion is focused around "sandwiching" Howard when he falls.

Jessie and Candice were the players picked at random, and they say that Candice winning is the worst case scenario.  But they seem to think there is no way Candice can win, so this tells me that she will indeed win today.  Maybe.

Judd is really, really angry and has a bad temper today.  When they were discussing who would go up in the worst case scenario (if Candice wins and takes Howard off the block) Judd kept saying that Helen should go up and when they protested he said "well fuck, put me up then!".

 At some point Candice came in the room and then they had to go outside to hold strategy meetings. 

Amanda pulled Aaryn and Jessie out to talk, since they are all playing.  This is the Emergency Exit that we don't see on camera very often.

Andy came out and told them that Judd needs to calm down and is freaking him out.  They wonder if he's had medication today.

McCrae pulled Judd outside and Judd seems to be suspicious of something Helen did, and thinks she is going to flip.  (Judd is smart.)  McCrae kept saying that Helen is on their side.

I think Gina Marie wants her pink hat to take off like the Bear Shirt did, and be "wildly popular on Twitter" as Julie Chen described Judd's Bear Shirt.  Something tells me no, yes?

Candice went to get back in bed with Howard and told him that after she went up to the HoH everybody left and went outside on the balcony to talk.

Candice:  Oh well, it is what it is.

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