Sunday, June 30, 2013

Think With the Big Head, McCrae #BB15

Well, I have to admit that I am sickened over the fact that McCrae and Amanda have been engaging in impure thoughts and activities.  Yes, I know McCrae is a guy, and guys think with their dicks frequently, but with Amanda?

As a Big Brother Super Fan, McCrae should know better about getting Shomantic in that house, and particularly with someone who is so disliked by his own alliance.

But having said all of this, I did go Flashback hunting to learn about the action last night.  I picked a few random camera times and then Flashbacked to see what I could learn.  The first thing that popped up was Jeremy and Kaitlin snuggling in the Lounge area.   Sorry for the picture disturbance but sometimes those CBS drop down menus just won't go away.  They said good night and Katilin went to bed and Jeremy went outside to play pool with Spencer and to try and reconnect with his "real" alliance, the Moving Company.  (Presumably his real alliance.)  They actually tried to pick alliance members that aren't in the same social group every minute so the alliance is not so obvious.

So I surf around some more, and I find the guys gathered in the backyard and they chat about what everybody is doing in the house.  Spencer mentions that "Blowjob" is upstairs with a dismissive hand wave.


And this is where the conversation got interesting.

Andy:  Where are all of the girls?

Jeremy:  Everybody's probably asleep except us out here, and "Blowjob" upstairs, and Katilin's in the DR.

Spencer:  I'll bet Amanda can fuckin' just dog down on a dick.

Jeremy:  Yeah.  I'll bet she can slob down on a knob like corn on a cob.

Spencer. fuckin' nobody's business.  Whew-eee!

Howard:  Suck the nail out of a casket.

Jeremy:  Suck the wood off a 2 by 4.

Howard:  A beach ball through a hose pipe..

Jeremy:  Suck an egg out of a rooster.

Andy tries not to laugh and keeps talking about the impact of eating slop all week with Nick, who is sitting across from him.  Nick made a big pot of vegetable soup earlier and was sorry that he offered it to the Have Nots who can't eat it.

Andy:  That's  not bad.  Offering pizza would be bad, but your soup sucked.

The guys keep laughing about their blowjob jokes.

Jeremy:  Meanwhile, roosters don't lay eggs.  So that's some good hard sucking there.

Spencer:  She said earlier that she wanted a facial.  I told her I'd be glad to give her one, but.....

Judd, proving food comes before sex for a hungry man:  God, I want to eat that pizza so bad.

Howard:  Did you say that to her?

Spencer:  Yeah, I did.

Jeremy:  I don't know if ya'll noticed, but her hair was a little greasier today.

Spencer talks about a porn he watched one time that I won't repeat here, but it did involve a young lady being "hosed" by a number of men.  Spencer sprinkles his guy talk with frequent eff words but I don't think he speaks like this in front of the ladies.

The camera changes to Aaryn, Kaitlin and Gina Marie in the hammock.  Aaryn wants to pull in the "scrubs" like Amanda and McCrae to their group.  Aaryn is very pissed about Candice sitting on her "Texan hat" and is livid about it, calling her demonic.

Aaryn says that the slop people are "losing their shit" and then Katilin apparently farted and they all talk about how they smell the same, giggling.  They keep calling someone "Reptar" and I guess that is Elissa.  Aaryn thinks they need to get Helen out of here before Elissa.

That is Gina Marie's left leg she is hoisting in the air in that picture.

They discuss Jeremy and Kaitlin says that he told her tonight he doesn't trust her 100%.  She agrees that everybody has to keep an eye on everybody else.

Kaitlin:  And I just want to jump his bones right now.  How bad is that?  I wish we had the HoH room right now...he said, I just want to choke you out right now..

Gina Marie, high fiving her:  Yeah baby.

Aaryn:  Oooo.  That's digusting.

Aaryn wonders if the Jersey Shore has cameras over the beds and Gina Marie says yes, they do.

Kaitlin:  Do you think if we do it they will show it on TV?

GM: Yep.  Sorry but I'm just being straight with you.  That's like hot tamales right there.

They all laugh.

OK, now I find something.  The cameras go inside where we see McCrae and Amanda laying in the dark in the HoH room.

Amanda is babbling about "feeling something" and McCrae tells her to stop talking about it.  She wants to put paper up over the cameras and there is a moment of silence.  Production has the volume up really high to capture this, and the sound of rustling sheets and the whirring of equipment is very loud in my headphones.

McCrae, mumbling:  Our game is pretty much over.

Amanda:  What?  No it's not!  Why are you saying that?  Nobody knows....

(Amanda, the guys just did a 10 minute comedy bit about your perceived blowjob skills!  They know...they know....and McCrae called you his "Blomance".)

 McCrae, whispering:'s not......

Amanda:  I have a boyfriend.  Why are you laughing?


They watch the Spy Screen in the dark.

McCrae:  Fucking hell....

Amanda:  Fucking hell!

McCrae:  It's going to make the fucking air show....

Amanda:  What do you mean?


Amanda:  What are you thinking?

McCrae:  I'm thinking....fucking I don't know......

Amanda, mumbles some shit.

McCrae: I'm just trying to make some good TV here....

The cameras change.  Thank god.

McCrae, McCrae, McCrae.  You need to get that dirty girl out of the house so you don't "blow" the rest of the season.

***AND NOW***

Let's go way back in time, to last week, when Amanda blatantly hit on poor Big Jeff

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