Sunday, June 23, 2013

Meet Jeremy McGuire --- Big Hands, Tiny Heart #BB15

Meet Jeremy McGuire, who is 23 and comes to us from the town of Clear Lake Shores which is apparently somewhere in Texas.  ("They've got big long roads out there...." I'm still stuck on my song from yesterday.)

Jeremy used to be the "floor man at a boat store", but he just quit that job and is captain of his own boat now.  Jeff comments that Jeremy is a "tall drink of water" and a "big intimidating presence".  Jeremy admits he's been blessed by the gods---he's tall, but he has "been blessed with impeccable balance" and that will help him in the challenges.  He surfs, skates and wakeboards and Jeff stops him a few times to comment on how cocky he is.

Jeremy:  There's a fine line between cocky and confident and I admit I tread on it.

Oh yeah.  Hey now Jeremy.


When I watched this video the first time it was just blah blah blah and I didn't really hear a word that Jeremy said.  I was mesmerized by the timber of his voice and the calm way he said things.  There is a little velvet drawl going on there in the background when Jeremy speaks.   I didn't really care what he said, I just liked that he was talking.  I don't know what they sell at a "boat store", but I would surely buy a lot of it from Jeremy.  If he told me to buy it, I would.  Jeremy is hot, hottie hot.


I think Jeff is intimidated by Jeremy, since he mentions twice how intimidating Jeremy is, and how cocky.  Stop being a hater, Jeff!

Jeff:  What do you think are the downfalls for you?

Jeremy:  Well, I don't see any downfalls for me...

Jeff:  There's that humble attitude again....You're going to be in there a long time, you'd better think about that!

Jeremy:  This is the way that I am....I don't know how I'm gonna act until I'm in there.  If I have one downfall, it's the ladies.  I'm a sucker for the ladies, but I plan to use that to my advantage.

Jeff nods.  It's all he can do.  Just nod.

Jeff wants to know what he's looking for in the house as far as the ladies go.

Jeremy:  I'm looking for 500 thousand dollars!  Let the user be used, right?

Jeff laughs.  Bitterly, I think.

Jeremy:  If it comes down to the end and its my friend, me and $500,000, then my friend will get thrown under the bus, and then they might be run over!  I'm going to play ruthless!  I'm only 23, and I have a lot to live for, and a lot of things to pay for.

Jeff ends the interview, and I'll bet he just can't wait until Jeremy gets the boot.

Well, I'm not ready for the interview to end yet.  Take a look at how Jeremy's hand swallows up Jeff's tiny paw.  No wonder Jeff doesn't like him.  Let's take another quick look at Jeremy's hands.

Maybe everything IS bigger in Texas.  I might pack up my car this afternoon and get outta' here....

FeedWatcher Forecast

OK, let's get real.  I know Jeremy is getting tons of hate from the Big Brother SuperFans.  I haven't looked at the other websites yet, but I could tell from Twitter that some of you people don't like Jeremy.

Yes, he's an asshole.  Yes, he is full of himself.  If you were 23 and you were Jeremy, can you blame him?  (Obviously, Jeff can.)

He said he is going to PLAY RUTHLESS.  Isn't that what we want?  I don't want another house full of wishy-washy mactors who want to fly under the radar.  I have said several times that I am ready for some new villains!  Some dastardly deeds to be done!  We should all want that!

Yes, I'm pretty sure Jeremy will not win Big Brother 15.  If he manages to get to the end, he will not get votes from the haters.  Or the jury members who think the winner of Big Brother is supposed to be a "good person" who "deserves to win".  Well, fuck that.

Jeremy will be lucky if he even makes the jury, because of course he will piss people off and he can obviously be perceived as a physical threat.   People are going to want Jeremy out of there.

 I will be watching Jeremy very closely on the Big Brother live feeds.  And if someone else is in the frame with Jeremy, then I will watch them, too.  Ha ha.

Thanks for the eye candy Robyn Kast.  Let's enjoy it while we can.

Go ahead and hate.  It's inevitable.

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