Sunday, June 23, 2013

Meet Amanda Zuckerman - Behold the Common Cougar #BB15

Meet Amanda Zuckerman, who is a Long Island native living in Boynton Beach, Florida and  is 28 years old.  Amanda is a realtor, and it is soon very obvious that she is working Jeff in a way that makes him uncomfortable.

Jeff:  So you're a real estate agent....are you a good seller?

Amanda, with a hair flip:  I'm tryin' to sell you...but you're not bitin' at all!

Jeff:  Obviously are going to use your charm and your sexuality in the house.

Amanda:  I have no idea what you are talking about.

Jeff:  It was just a stab in the dark.  

Amanda:  Yes, I am.  I have my itty bitty bikinis and my bedroom eyes and I'm all ready to go in the house and win Big Brother.

The whole time she is talking to Jeff, she can't keep her hands out of her hair, playing with it and flipping it. 

Amanda is going into the house saying she's "not single" but does not elaborate further.  She says she is very non-judgmental and doesn't care what your religion is, who you sleep doesn't matter to her.  Most of her close friends are female, but she can't predict who her friends will be in the house.

Jeff:  If we were both in there, would we be in an alliance?

Amanda, with more hair caressing:  Are you kidding me? ....Absolutely!

Jeff:  But could I trust you?  Are you trustworthy?

Amanda:  You can trust me with your entire heart and soul!

Jeff says that he thinks she has all of the skills to win the game but it's up to her to go in there and put her skills in motion.

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OK.  If this is the way Amanda is planning to behave in the BB15 House, she is going to be in Big Trouble.  She needs to just Calm the Fuck Down and stop trying to prove how sexy she is. 

And is she really 28?  Do you believe that?  It might be true, but she is so faked out with the tanner and make up that it is hard to see what  she really looks like.  And speaking of fake, she went ahead and ordered "Large" from her plastic surgeon, I think.

There is nothing subtle about Amanda.  In fact, her behavior is such a Long Island/South Florida stereotype that I think she might be playing a role and not being 100%  genuine.  But I don't think this is an elaborate ploy to deceive in the same manner as a few of the other house guests (i.e. David Girton and Nick Uhas).  I just think that Amanda lacks self-confidence, no matter what she tells us, because deep inside she feels that this is the best she has to offer.

She is going to grate on people's nerves in that house.  She is going to be loud and somewhat bossy and is going to try and run the show in the BB15 house.  I predict she will clash with the girls and thus her relationship with the guys will be crucial to staying in the house.  She might end up aligning with the guys because I think they will consider her one of them.

Her business background is legit--good for her.  Whatever happens on BB15, she can make it rain in South Florida.  Her phones going to ring and she's going to do a lot of deals.  So at least she has that.  But why is she talking up being a realtor in Los Angeles in the Linked In summary below?  Is that where she really lives?  Or used to live?  Is this an old profile?  Is this yet more chain-yankage?

Jeff flirted with Jessie Kowalski, but he is trying to deflect Amanda Zuckerman.  No offense to Amanda, but Jeff wouldn't touch that with a 10-foot-pole, and Amanda isn't endearing herself with Jeff's legion of female fans who are likely heavy voters on America's Choice and Fan Favorite.

My Call:  JoJo 2.0, released in the wild before being held captive in the Jury.

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