Sunday, June 30, 2013

Don't Eff with a Texan's Hat #BB15

I am searching the Flashbacks from last night in order to properly report on Hat Gate.  What is that, you wonder?  Well just sit back while I try to get the goods for you.

When I start this Flashback Gina Marie is holding court in the hammock, sandwiched in between Andy and Spencer and is babbling non stop.  Basically that everyone in this house is "cool as shit" but they all have to go at some point.  Who ever wins, Gina Marie will be legitimately happy for them, but you've got to let people leave when it's their time to go.

In case you don't know, Spencer has a mouth on him, and is not afraid to speak his mind in that house.  He's stopping just short of being pushy, I think, but he is definitely not playing the role of a floater.  He's in the MC alliance, of course, but is not shy about mixing it up with the other house guests.

Spencer:  Let's all give a few Fuck You's to the people back home.

Ha ha.  BB doesn't like that.  We can see the FISH, but we can still hear them talking.

Andy:  I'd like to give a big Fuck You to....

Gina:  I fucking hate you!  You can suck it!

Then the BB music starts to play.  I've been watching the live feeds for how many years and have not heard this before?  Jenn City had a list of shout outs a mile long, but not one Fuck You, unfortunately.

And now the cameras quickly shift to the bathroom, where Aaryn and David embrace and she is noticeably upset.  Her voice is shaking a little as she stage whispers to David.

Aaryn:  I mean, obviously when I first met her I knew......I knew she was a cunt, but then I said oh I'm sorry, I think you're a good girl and I misjudged you .....but obviously first impressions are always right. And that's a fact.

 David, mumbling:  Well....blah blah blah.

Aaryn:  And why is it directed at me?  I mean, think about're on the fucking block!


Aaryn is whimpering and and David talks about "fucking Reptar" trying to talk to him.  I think "Reptar" is Andy, but I'm not 100% sure.  It might be Candice but who the hell knows?  Except Aaryn and David, of course.

The cameras change to Jeremy and Kaitlin in the backyard, where he tickles her and she promises she's going to "get him later".

Jeremy:  Oh, are you?

Katilin:  What are you thinking?

Jeremy:  That I just want to choke you out and kiss you at the same time.

It's hard to take a bad picture of these two.  They are both pretty on the outside.  Speaking of the inside, Kaitlin starts bad-mouthing Helen and wondering what her problem is.

Jeremy:  She knows she's gonna lose.

Katilin:  She keeps talking about how we're younger....fuck her.

And speaking again of pretty on the outside, Aaryn comes over with a slice of pizza, saying there is cheese and also pepperoni.  And here we go with Hat Gate, I think.

Candice comes over and starts talking fast, like she thinks she might not be able to get it all out in time.

Candice:  I don't disrespect anybody's things in here....I share all of my things, she's been wearing my hair extensions in here (Kaitlin), and would never purposely sit on your hat.  If somebody tells you that, or says that I did something to you or said something about you, just come to me before you tell whoever you told...

Aaryn puts her hand on her hip (that's never good) as Gina Marie makes a beeline to the hammock.

Candice:  I did not do anything to your hat.  I adore you, I think you have the cutest things, and I would never want your things.  I don't have that type of personality, I'm almost 30 years old..I would never do that.

As  you can see Gina Marie has wedged herself in between the two girls.  Staten Island in the house, yo.

Aaryn:  I'm sick of the age thing getting brought up....I mean, totally....

Candice:  Well I didn't do that.  You could have just AXED me instead of telling people that I sat on your hat because I didn't do that.

Perhaps sensing that this conversation is of interest to us, Kaitlin tries to insert herself by doing the following with her legs.

(I mean, who does that?  Kaitlin, I guess.)

Candice, wrapping up:  I put your hat on my head, and then I just walked out.

Gina Marie:  I think the problem is everybody is picking up everybody's shit, without like asking, I guess, I'm not saying anyone is stealing or anything, but the laundry gets mixed up, the towels are all mixed in, but everyone is like misplacing things.

Aaryn:  I don't even want to finish this conversation.

And she struts out of the camera shot.

****And SCENE***

Damn these are some catty bitches.  I know everyone is talking smack about these (frequently) horrible house guests, but these personalities have been bubbling on the stove and some shit is going to boil over.  ISN'T THAT WHAT WE WANT?  Yes, it is.


After the main players walk off stage, Kaitlin and Jeremy resume their activities.

Kaitlin, from under the duvet:  My dad is going to be mortified.  And I'm not happy about my leg being on all three cameras!

****OH REALLY?***

Now scroll back up and look at the Kaitlin Leg photo.  Go ahead.  Look at it again.

Don't fuck with us Kaitlin.  We'll be right here, waiting for you to do it.

And hello to Mr. Barnaby, Kaitlin's father who is now a Live Feeder!  Who I'm sure is going to want to have Jeremy hunted down and killed before all is said and done.  Or maybe choked out would be a more fitting type of action.

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