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Big Brother After Dark - Nothing is More Bonding than a Common Enemy - 6-27-13 #BB15

This is the second episode of BBAD for BB15.  McCrae Olson is the HoH, and he nominated Jessie Kowalski and Candice Stewart for eviction a day or so ago.

This afternoon the POV Player Pick took place, just after the MVP's nomination was announced.  David Girton was the nominated house guest.  Elissa Slater told McCrae earlier in the day that she had been voted MVP, so we can assume that is true, but we will know for sure on the CBS Sunday night show.  After the MVP nomination, they picked players and held the PoV Player Pick ceremony.

Elissa's name was chosen, creating fear and panic among the house guests.  No one wants her to win.  They want her out this week and suspect she is Rachel's sister, but  I don't think she has come clean to the entire house to confess this.  There was a lot of negative energy towards Elissa today--they have really made her out to be a monster, but without the MVP twist I don't think she would be so threatening to the others.   She is much more fragile then Rachel and doesn't have someone like Brendon there to co-star in the villain role.  But the house guests know she can win MVP every week with Rachel's support so this makes her an easy choice for eviction in Week #1.

But who won the PoV?  America's New Slacker Sweetheart McCrae Tuglord Olson.  Yes, he won.

OK.  Let's go.

The show opens shortly after the PoV competition is over, and there is a feeling of jubilant relief among the house guests.  There is a big group of people in the Mustache bedroom, anchored by Jeremy and Kaitlin who were canoodling on the bed right in front of everyone.

(Yes, I used the word canoodling.  I was trying it out to see if I liked it and it turns out I don't and will not be using it again.)

Kaitlin has on her full make up and the hair extensions and I have to say she is breathtaking.  Jeremy is wearing a plaid shirt and a cowboy hat.  Helen, Spencer, Gina and Aaryn are also in the room, and maybe a few others.  Everyone is talking over each other and I realize this is the group who did not play for PoV.  They've just been chilling and are camera-ready for the BBAD action.  Helen is talking about how hard it would have been to spell different trustworthy needed two T's.  I'm guessing the competition involved spelling long words (Technotronics, anyone?).

***continued after the jump***

Now we get a shower scene where David and Howard are both shirtless and appear to be waiting to use the shower.  Howard appears to be sharing some important information to David but I can't hear what it is.  His voice has a soothing, supportive sound, perhaps not unlike how he speaks to at-risk children in his job as a youth counselor.

Elissa is in the shower, and looks beautiful on camera with water glistening on her face.  She looks calm, but must be churning inside.  I'm not clear on whether the Have Nots have to take cold showers or not this year.  It doesn't look like Elissa is taking a cold shower because she seems to be enjoying the water.

The storage room has been replenished, and all of the house guests who were in the bed room rushed in there to see what BB has given them to eat.  I see heads of lettuce on the shelf, but there is a huge celebration as they call out what they see in the fridge and the other side of the room.  Gina Marie holds up a 2 liter bottle of Diet Coke like a trophy and she and Aaryn jump up and down with joy.

Jeremy:  Pizza!

It's a big party in there.  Loud and happy.

Now in the bedroom Aaryn and Kaitlin have a little chat.  Aaryn likes Costco but admits she only brought one jacket in the BB house.  She's worried about some of the competitions that might require one.  Kaitlin assures her she brought a few, so "they're good".

Now we see the shower line, and there is plastic covering just about every surface in the bath area.  I guess that light colored wood is hard to keep clean, and they PoV players must be dirty.  McCrae has joined the shower line, and is shirtless.  (!)  David and Howard are in front of him. McCrae is not muscled, but looks fine.  Nothing to be ashamed of.  As a matter of fact he might look more handsome without a shirt.  Rather Jesus-like, from the pictures I've seen of him.

In the kitchen Gina is caressing her glass of soda with her lips and counts the days since she's had any Diet Coke.  She is blissful and says she wants to make love to it. Helen has three more days on slop and says she can make it, she's fine.

Andy brought in plenty of clothes with eccentric prints that would not look out of place in the Macy's children's department.  No, that's not a read---I'm just describing what I see.  After all we all saw his T-shirt with the pictures of kitty cats on it, right?  Today he is sporting a tank top with some sort or argyle-reminiscent print.  Everyone gathers around the kitchen counter where the Haves are snacking.  Kaitlin is leaning over with her elbows on the counter, and Jeremy walks right over and stands next to her, running his hands over her hips and backside.    Right there, in front of everybody.

Good thing he's a part of The Moving Company.  Andy tells a story about a girl in his Improv class who looked familiar and he figured out that she was the bass player in the movie School of Rock.  No need for Production to bleep that out---no one cares about her, apparently.  But then Gina Marie starts pretending to do John Travolta's Greased Lightening dance and then they start singing Summer Lovin' and BB tells them to shut up.

Now Gina goes over and puts her arm around Nick's waist as he leans over the counter, and leaves her hand there for at least a minute.  She's like a dog peeing on the mailbox, I think.  Andy and Kaitlin went up to the HoH and Andy says the competition "couldn't have gone better...what did she have, like 9 letters?".

I guess they won't let McCrae use the HoH shower in his dirty condition, because he is still waiting for the shower downstairs.

Showtime must be sorry to have lost BBAD this year, with all of the female eye candy.  Aaryn got some coverage while she stretched and posed in front of the HoH skyline.  Jeremy came up there to get something, and then both Andy and Jeremy left so Aaryn could use the bathroom.  On the way downstairs the guys agreed that Aaryn was about to "blow it up in there".

 MeCrae's shoes started sticking during the competition when he was going back and forth.  He's talking to someone who is in the shower that must be Candice or Jessie.  Elissa surely couldn't still be showering with all of those potential votes to stay waiting for her to finish, right?

Helen is laying on the Nomination couch sideways and she is so tiny she fits perfectly.  Andy sits there and they chat about the competition.  Helen mentions the competition from last year where they had to put menu items in order on the board, which was another messy competition.

Helen:  Who was the ditz with the dream board?

Andy:  Ashley.  That was Ashley.

Well they do have to take cold showers, because Helen just mentioned needing to take one.  They mention "poor Howard and Elissa" who both had to shower with cold water.  Kaitlin has joined the group by straddling Andy on the couch to hug him.  Yes, she did.  She is wearing some pretty severe high heeled black boots that she puts up on the couch where everyone can see them.  Now Jeremy is there and they discuss what a He Man Howard is.

Andy wonders which house guests he would like if he was watching this season from home.  They like this topic and all laugh and get in on it.  Jeremy says he would think he would think he, himself was a tool with a full toolbox.  He feels like he's only been in there for 3 days and Helen agrees that the first 7 days went by pretty fast.  She thought 90 days would be hard but she can see how it's done.

Andy: Only 83 more days!

Now we see Elissa in the Have Not room with wet hair, wearing a velour pajama set, chatting with Spencer and Howard.  Spencer has a nice conversation with her about the competition and he says she did well.

Jessie is describing the competition to Aaryn and they had to pop balloons full of blue stuff to expose letters, or something like that.  Cupcakes were involved, too, because I've heard them discussed several times.  Jeremy congratulated Jessie on doing a great job in the comp and I'll bet that irritated Kaitlin since she was sitting right there.  There's some friction there, you know, as those two girls fight for Flirt Time with Jeremy.

Now Spencer sits on the couch and apparently a female came in to host the competition.  Andy wonders if "she's still in the house" and they agree that if so they would be able to "hear her cackling".

Spencer:  She could have stood there and talked to us..I mean, I didn't expect her to come over and sit with us at the table, but c'mon.  She was standing there like "I'm famous" and I was like, "No, you're not!"  She was a shitty host...I was like why don't you just go in there and make biscuits....Gina Marie would have done a better job...

Andy sees Gina walking towards them and says, "I don't know, Gina Marie isn't very good at that..".  GM runs over and jumps on him and they laugh.  All of the girls apparently can just rub up and all over Andy since he's gay, I guess.  Gina actually put Andy in a headlock with her legs.  She has glittery sparkles on the back pockets of her jeans.


You've got to know that it KILLS me not to have important information like this.  Now that we've heard about cupcakes and biscuits, it must be someone related to food.  Well, we can rule out Paula Deen, right? 

Elissa has wound her hair into a bun and comes in the living room and stands against one of the couches, talking to Helen.  Her chest hurts from that comp and she sounds exhausted as she leaves the room.  Andy says Gina Marie is a ball buster and wonders what the Have's will have for dinner.

Now we see McCrae is in the shower and while he's in there Jessie is going to remove all of the plastic so they don't keep walking through it.  Aaryn and David meet in the storage room and she cautions him to just chill, and let it happen this week.  She assures him he is going to stay, but he can't lose it or change his attitude.  Aaryn apologizes for being a bitch earlier and they hug tightly.  Davids jeans are hanging way low on his hips.  I don't see his crack as he stands up, but I think he may be going commando under there.

(I just want to be sure you are fully informed.)

Aaryn's maternal instincts kick in and she tries to clean David's mic pack with a kitchen towel.  There is sticky stuff all over it and she can't believe he has to keep using it like this.  They joke about how David would pretend to throw a competition like that, but in reality didn't have the spelling skills.  The sounds of the plastic sheeting being removed are loud, even in the kitchen.  I hear Gina Marie cackling about the Bubble Boy.  Oh there is a plastic "sidewalk" in the house from the back door leading to the bath room and Gina Marie has wrapped it around herself like a mummy as they pull it up.

In the bathroom Jessie has on an orange Texas shirt and cut off jean shorts and crawls up next to Jeremy who is sitting on the little couch area.  Note that she crawled up there on ALL FOURS before turning around to sit next to him.  She asks him if she can be "Texas Proud" of her performance in the PoV comp and he says yes before getting up and walking away.

Now in the HoH McCrae is talking to Nick in the HoH.  Nick is telling him what to say when Elissa asks him not to use the PoV.  Nick wants "Blondie" (David) out because he is the bigger threat and has a plan to blame the other people in the house.  McCrae thinks he needs to use the PoV and put Elissa up there, regardless, but it sounds like Nick is convincing him to vote David out so that the MC can "steamroll" to the end.

Nick wants McCrae to make a deal with Elissa and to be as honest as possible.   McCrae doesn't want to send Elissa home but wants to "appease the house" and put her up.  McCrae shares that Helen feels the same way about David.

Nick:  Wait...who?

McCrae:  Helen...

Nick thinks Helen "would be perfect" and maybe that means he plans to blame the vote on Helen.

McCrae: If I don't put her up, then everybody is going to think I'm a Shade Ball.  That I'm so shady and no one will trust me anymore.  And people will think I'm a competition threat now and I'll go up next week.

Someone is coming up the stairs so Nick tells McCrae to go in the bathroom.  It turns out to be Amanda (Shocker.) and Nick deflects by holding up a package of Pepperidge Farm cookies and asks her if she would eat them.

Amanda:  Well, I'd like to answer like I'm not a fat person and tell you no, but yeah I probably would eat them.

She handles the PoV medallion and says there is dinner downstairs for them.  After she leaves Nick confirms that David needs to go, and then Amanda after that, and they will steamroll the house after that.

Jeremy comes up with a big plate of food and murmurs that Jessie is on the way up there, too.  Jessie says they have pasta with red sauce and cheese.  Jeremy is eating and the sounds of chewing fill the room.  Now we see Elissa in the Have Not room getting advice from Howard.

Howard tells her to approach McCrae calmly. McCrae is BB fan, so she should be calm and present her points to him.  Howard doesn't want to see her cry anymore and his voice is very soothing and he seems like a genuine guy.

Howard:  You did great, and you represented well.

Elissa spelled "Pot Roast" as one word, and that was her downfall.  Howard finishes his pep talk and tells her tomorrow is another day, and she can still get the votes.

Now Amanda has gone in the the HoH with her food (Shocker #2) and is being bossy again, telling the group that every BB competition has been done before.  They had to crawl through honey in one of the competitions and Jeremy says he wishes he could go back and watch that older BB episode where they have to do that, too.

Amanda's bowl of spaghetti is full the rim of her dish, and she tries to swirl her fork around to get a bite.  I contrast this with Jessie's bowl of spaghetti, which was filled maybe halfway.  Amanda's a big girl and needs her food, I guess.

Now we see Helen and Judd visiting Elissa in the Have Not room.  Elissa has full make up on and seems grateful for their company.  After Judd leaves she tells Helen that she doesn't want to fight the whole house all summer.  She knows they wanted to back door her this week and her voice breaks a little as she says she just wishes he had someone to talk to in the house.  She didn't expect everyone to be so aggressive towards her the first wek.

Howard comes in to get his Bible and then leaves.   Elissa stops speaking for a minute as Helen tells her to just lay low, that it's not too late for her.

Helen:  I really want to trust you Elissa.  I really do, but you need to lay low.

Elissa says she just needs to keep quiet for awhile and Helen nods vigorously and agrees.

Helen:  People's words get twisted in there.  Just hang with the group and talk about the slop...don't talk about the game.  Talk about how you are a big Big Brother fan.

Elissa, brightening:  I'm an even bigger fan now, after being in this game.

Helen has on a bright pink textured top and speaks calmly with confidence.  (She knows how to counsel politicians who fuck up, so this is familiar territory for her.  If I were in Elissa's shoes I would want reassuring adults like Howard and Helen to back me up, too.)

Helen is tired and goes to her row of airline seats to lay down, putting her head on the armrest while she talks.  (I used to have a job where I traveled over 45 weeks a year for three years, so I would actually feel right at home in the Have Not room.)

Helen:  There are people here who love you and who are on your side.  But you've got to give them a reason to keep you, because if you don't they will drop lie flies.

Elissa:  Like who?

Helen:  I don't want to tell you because I don't want to see you approach them and maybe make a scene.

Elissa:  I want to play the game.  I want to be in an alliance...

Helen:  You can have that, but you've go to lay low.  Everything you say is rubbing people the wrong way right now.  Just lay low.  I'm under fire, too, because I'm your friend, so just lay low and ask McCrae if he'll keep you.

Elissa keeps asking Helen for examples of what she's done wrong in the house but Helen resists,  and keep repeating the "Lay Low" mantra.

(Maybe "Know your role and shut your hole" would be more effective?)

Elissa says the "set up was so awesome and that girl was so cute.  I loved her dress."  Helen agrees and they discuss how "the girl's" shoes got stuck to the ground out there.


Elissa wants to know what kind of car Helen drives.  She drives a Camry, and they also have an Elantra.  They need a bigger car when they have three kids but they need to find another house first with more room for parking.  Back upstairs Aaryn asks if she can take a bubble bath with another girl and McCrae give his approval.

Aaryn would like Andy to join them but he says he has to stay in the Have Not shower this week with a small frown.  Judd wants to watch the bubble bath (of course).

Back in the Have Not room Elissa wishes she had stayed on that popsicle longer.  Helen keeps repeating "stay low, stay low" and to try not to be so emotional.  Elissa puts down one of her arm rests and nods.  Helen knows it's hard and she misses her family but she's got to do it.  This is just a game after all, and she needs to stay calm and prove to people that they can trust her and she can help them.

Helen:  You've got to win HoH next time.  You've got to so you can start building relationships in here.  You can't go through another week like this in here.  Or I have to win it.  I thought winning HoH would be so stressful, but you have to win every week because of this America's vote.

Now in the HoH Amanda is in the bed next to McCrae, holding court.  Aaryn comes up there with her bikini on and Amanda tells her she has a 23 year old body, so she can run around like that, but she has a 28 year old body herself and can't do it.

In the HoH bathroom the fish tank is now next to the bathtub and Jessie runs the water to fill up the tub.  Jessie has a T-shirt on over her top on to maintain some modesty, but not Aaryn.

(I've been watching Aaryn,and  think she is VERY competitive about her beauty.  She likes to get all of the attention.  You'd think someone that pretty could afford to be more humble about it, but she is not.)

Jessie strips off her sweater and the two of them prepare to bathe.  They both  look really cute and have natural bodies without the big fake tits and it is nice to see that  in that house for a change.  (Somewhere the Showtime executives are cursing and drowning their sorrows.)

Downstairs in the Lounge room Jeremy and Katilin are sprawled together,  with her head on Jeremy's stomach as he strokes her hair.  Nick and Gina Marie are nearby, laying together and the group is talking energetically about movies they like, and which accents they wish they had.  Jeremy dated a Swedish girl one time.  Judd is in the room too, sitting nearby and he and Gina Marie start trash talking and poking fun at each other.

Judd wanted one of those cupcakes so bad today, but he couldn't have one.  He normally doesn't even like sweets, but he wanted one so bad.  (He's a Have Not.)    Katilin say she has "jizz" all over her arm and Jeremy inspects it.  Gina Marie chimes in that "jizz" is good for your skin and Kaitlin starts saying something "hurt so bad" and the cameras change to Jessie laying in the bath tub with suds getting higher and higher as the tub fills up with water.

Back downstairs Gina Marie is on her knees "slapping" Nick and they are wrestling  a little. GM is full of fun laughter and they all laugh with her.

GM, chortling:  Yeah, yeah, that's what she said!

GM knows some "bad bitches" and someone asks "Prostitutes?" and she says no.  Back upstairs the camera gives us a close up of Aaryn's face in the tub, which her hair pulled up.  She has on large non-dangly earrings.  The tub is full now and they are talking to the guys who are in the HoH room about nothing in particular.

In the Lounge Gina Marie tells Nick that he can "touch her if he wants" and Judd seems miserable, watching.  (Nick is certainly more reserved than Jeremy.)  Now we see Howard and Spencer playing chess and talking game.  Howard has on a black doo rag that I could live without. They are not worried about being overhead, because the noise from downstairs is so loud the cameras can barley pick up their words.

They are obviously discussing Elissa and the situation, but since they are adults they aren't gossiping, just counting votes and they seem confident in their position.  They think Nick will bring Gina Marie in to vote how they need her too.  Howard has some of the girls thinking he "don't like McCrae" which is perfect for their alliance.  Howard wants to tell  McCrae to just "man up and put her ass up there on the block". 

Howard knows they have the numbers in their group, and even with the MVP its a sure thing and he wants everyone to keep the pact they made.

Howard:  Why would you give up a sure thing?

Howard says that if "they keep Candice in here, that shit is gonna blow up, too".  Now they whisper about how Amanda has been up there in the HoH the whole time, and how Helen is embracing Elissa right now.  The loft is filled with noise from the kitchen....talking and plates clanking loudly.

Howard is worried that McCrae "likes fiesty women" and Amanda fits that profile.  Howard doesn't think any of them should win HoH next week, but worries that their entire group could be on the block.  Spencer tells Howard that he bought an old run down home for $21,000 and has renovated it himself.  Howard is concerned that he has told other house guests this, but Spencer says it is not common knowledge.  Spencer doesn't want people to think he is rich with two houses, because the second one he bought was in horrible shape before he bought it.  He is very proud of the work he's done on it, and then he starts talking about the guy he bought it from.  The guy's mother died in a car crash, and the cameras change before he can finish the story.

Now we go up to the HoH bathtub where Aaryn apparently thinks she is on the Playboy Channel.  She is talking into the camera, asking us to make Team Aaryn T-shirts with those crystals spelling out the letters.  Jessie interrupts to say Team Jessie, and then Amanda appears and accuses them of wearing strapless tops for the sensational value, since it looks like they may be topless.  They just laughed.  Amanda started to tell them how much weight she's lost and the cameras change again.

This time we are in the kitchen with Andy, Candice, Nick and David.  Candice is wearing sweats and has her hair up in a bun.  She seems to be a quieter version of herself today, and may be on edge waiting for the PoV ceremoney.  She could go off the block, if she stays out of trouble.

Now back in the bathtub Jessie dips and squeezes a bath sponge over and over again.  Amanda isn't there anymore.  Aaryn's mom is "in her 50's," but Aaryn "doesn't keep track".

Back in the kitchen Nick is telling David about the X Games and his own participation, I guess.  Nick likes to watch competitive skiing.  He learned to ski before he learned to snowboard.  He hasn't been in a long time though, and totally missed last season.  He went to Big Bear last time he went skiing and explains to David that the skiing is so expensive in California  because the snow has to be manufactured.  They pass that cost on through the lift tickets, the hot chocolate, etc.

David:  Oh.

Nick goes into a lot of detail about edges and angles and how to learn to skate so that it is challenging and fun.  I can't really follow all of the info here, but I think both of them understand the conversation just fine.  I've noticed that Nick likes to mention frequently that he lives in Manhattan and it comes off kind of snooty, like everyone else is a "flyover".  He says now that people who live in Manhattan aren't there to screw around, and if you're not busy when you live there then you shouldn't be there.

Andy doesn't have a car and uses public transportation to get around Chicago.  Nick used to live in Evanston and says the Chicago area is kind of 50/50 as far as needing a car.  You can take public transportation but you might need a car to get there.  (True.)  Andy is a very timid driver and doesn't like to drive at all.  He totaled a car against a telephone pole one time, and had another incident where someone hit him and tore the door off his car.

(Please don't drive, Andy.)

We see Gina Marie in the Have Not room thanking Judd profusely about something, but says "thank you sweetheart".  Judd mumbles an acknowledgement, but I'll bet he knows that Gina Marie is into Nick now, because calling him sweetheart was kind of putting him in his place, in my opinion.  She did it sweetly, and thought nothing of it.  Even worse for Judd.

Nick tells a story now about an incident in his car.  It involved skidding and impact, just like any other accident but he made it sound exciting.

Now we see Jeremy stretched out in the Lounge area with Kaitlin laying with her head in his lap. There is a green throw pillow under her head, and Jeremy's right hand is resting on the left side of her butt.  He is telling the story about his "fight" with Elissa to Candice who is sitting across from them.  Helen is too.

Jeremy tells Candice not to worry about leaving this week.  He says everyone loves her and then Helen tells him how Elissa hid the fact that she is Rachel's sister from her.  Helen has sympathy for her situation, but does not want to get played by Elissa. She's worried about her own judgement now, after being misled by her.  Jeremy says that Elissa's sister Rachel is one of the most manipulative BB players ever, so Helen should be careful.

Jeremy:  That's what this game is about..

Then he tells the story about how he asked Elissa who her sister was and she told him "Gisele Bundchen".  Helen can't believe this and doesn't see how that would help Elissa either.  Jeremy says that if he was Rachel's brother and someone came right up and asked if that was the case he would admit it.  Jeremy says that Elissa and Rachel have the same mouth, and nose, and they way they laugh and speak is identical.

Jeremy thinks part of it is the edit that they get, with the laughing and all, and it is going to suck the way Elissa is portrayed this season, but that's the way it goes.  She might be really cool outside of the house.  Helen can't believe she "fell for it" and says her husband probably can't believe how stupid she was about it.

Jeremy:  You're the only one that didn't see it, Helen.  You could say I'm too big and loud in here and that's not playing a good game, but that's the way I am outside the house.  This is who I am in the house, too.

(I think pretending to be stupid about Elissa is part of Helen's strategy to distance herself from her.  A little shrewd damage control from Helen.  What does she care if Jeremy thinks she's stupid?  He's probably a little like the politicians that she advises every day. )


  1. I love reading your recaps. You are hysterical. Know your role and shut your hole is my new fav saying. Thanks for doing what you do. :)

  2. Thanks Groucho! I do it all for you, babe.


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