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SuperPass Lunch with Dan and Frank....Ian Busy Puking #BB14

One of the events scheduled by SuperPass today was a luncheon with Laremy, Ian, Dan and Frank.  Dan tweeted a picture a few minutes before kick-off of their group on the monitor, and we can clearly see Ian is sitting there on the far left--the reflection is in the reverse.

But when the show kicks off we see Laremy, the most excellent and thoughtful host, introducing Frank and Dan.  Laremy says that Ian is a little under the weather, and isn't fit to join them.  They start a tongue in cheek conversation about last night, and Frank mentions Ian had a little trouble walking and needed some help getting around.

(For the winner of BB14 to just not show up after SuperPass hosted the weekend, it is very embarrassing.  Ian apparently can't be trusted without Mommy and Daddy to watch over him.  I have seen people saying online that Frank "got Ian drunk".  I am of the opinion that Ian got himself drunk.  I watched the live chats last night, and he was drinking beer on camera, and Missy even asked him how many he had, due to the borderline rude things he was saying on camera.  If you've watched Ian get drunk on the live feeds, then you know Drunk Ian is not a Nice Ian.)

 Frank:  It was like we went out to make memories, but he drank so much he forgot 'em!

Frank said they had a great seafood dinner, with delicious oysters.  Laremy adds that Frank is very charming to spend time with, and is "like a gentleman".    (We saw that on the live feeds, actually.)  Frank said that he tried to get Dan to go out with them, but he went back to the room.   For some reason Dan starts talking about Kara, saying that he could tell she was a great listener.  He thinks she would have done great in the house, since the game depends on building relationships and trust.

Laremy wonders if maybe Frank trusted Mike a little too much?  Frank says that the started a few campaigns in the house to make it look like Frank wasn't so tight with Mike Boogie, to build bridges with a few other house guests.  But every alliance that they took on ended up screwing them over.  They were the only ones that the other could trust.  All other deals went bad.

Laremy asks them about their favorite pizza toppings.  (I think they are trying to keep the conversation light.)  Dan explains that every Sunday, he and Chelsea like to have "Chub Day" where they go to an early Mass, and then go home and eat all kinds of unhealthy foods.  He likes a superthin crust pizza (from Jeff's or Jet's--not sure) with bacon and onion on it.  Frank likes mushrooms and ham on his pizza pie.  Dan explains that he and Chelsea cook a lot on normal days, and mentions Taco Tuesdays.  His wife's brother Grant comes over for that one.

(I think Dan coached Grant, and he introduced Dan to his big sister.)

Laremy wants to discuss the lunch they are eating now.  He has two cheeseburgers himself, and a salad, but doesn't think he will get to finish it.

This is Frank's lunch, which he describes as a salad with spinach and bacon.  He says he's going to finish it, and eat one of Laremy's burgers after that.

This is Dan's lunch, with no sign of greenery on the plate.  He mentions all the great seafood in Seattle, and says he got a tuna melt.  (Tuna is canned elsewhere, Dan.) 

 Laremy shows us Ian's lunch, saying there is chicken there, and broccoli, with a Diet Coke of course.

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Frank prefers to work out outdoors, but he might hit a gym a few times each week.  He likes to do a circuit work out, and mentions running bleachers at his old high school.  He would do a few sets of the bleachers, then do pushups, run and do pullups on a bar, if there is one available.  Dan also prefers to exercise outside, and not be dependent on equipment.  He runs, then does pushups and sit ups.  Dan likes to listen to all sorts of "how to" podcasts while he works out, so he is learning at the same time.  He likes to play video games, but feels guilty sometimes about being idle and not accomplishing anything.

Frank likes the NBA video game and Laremy reacts to that, saying he's got it at his desk.  There is a good friend connection with Frank and Laremy.  (I really like Laremy.  He's a regular guy, but very articulate and a careful listener.  He's good people.)  Frank also likes the Madden game, Redemption and Assassin.  Dan likes the NCAA sports games, and just got the Batman game based on Frank's recommendation.  Frank is going to get his PS3 online and he and Dan are going to play games together.  They are both excited about it.

(Have no idea what I'm talking about here.)

 Dan starts talking about Magic the Gathering and says the game is produced by Wizards of the Coast, which is based in the Seattle area.  Dan (in my opinion) shits all over Laremy by saying that Laremy thought he could get them a tour of the place during their visit, but ultimately couldn't.  So Dan reached out to a few people and found "the Julie Chen of EA Sports" who got them a tour, after all.

He and Laremy are going, but chides Frank for not attending.

Frank:  Somebody's gotta look after Ian!

They all laugh and Laremy mentions the "bad oysters".

Frank:  I ate a ton of those oysters, too!  I think it was too many kamikazes!

Laremy asks what their happiest moment in the house was.  Dan says seeing Chelsea on video---it is the first time the house guests have seen a live video and not just a letter or phone call.  He also got to see a bit of Frank the Dog on the video.  Frank was "all over the house" while Dan was gone, but now Dan has him "back in check".  (You're in Seattle now Dan....)  Frank says after trying so long to get on the show, his happiest moment was just going in the door that first moment, and then getting his key.  He also loved being Fan Favorite.  The money is great, but he was just so happy that that fans appreciated how hard he played.  He says it meant the world to him.  He thought either Janelle or Britney would win, based on their large fan bases.

Frank has experienced very little negativity from fans.  Everybody has been very nice to him and he mentions one fan who tweeted him about hating the word "preesh".

Frank:  I said then don't follow me, yo!  Hashtag preesh!

Dan follows the Detroit Lions, St. Mary's football, and also Arkansas football since his mentor coaches there now.  Frank is a big NBA fan and likes the Heat, Knicks and Lakers.  Laremy is from South Florida and likes "El Heat" and the Dolphins, but says it has been a hard decade for the Dolphins fans.

Laremy asks them what's next for them?  Dan is writing a new book, and discusses how the CAA representation came about.  Rich Meehan called him the day after the finale and said that CAA contacted him and wanted Dan's contact info.  It was the first time in 14 seasons that CAA has called about a BB player, but Dan didn't really know who they were.  (What?  I find that hard to believe.)  An agent called Dan but he said he would only be in LA for a short time and had plans that night for dinner and the SuperPass Wrap party.

He and Chelsea went to dinner with Memphis and his wife, and there were three CAA agents outside waiting for him.  They pitched Dan to speak on the college circuit and Memphis sat in on the meeting, too.  Memphis said to Dan, "don't you know who they are?"

Laremy:  It's cool that you "big timed" them by saying you already had plans that night.

Dan:  I didn't know who they were?  When you're on a show like BB, people make all kinds of promises, but you know...

Other than speaking on the college circuit, he wants to spend time with his wife, and play games with Frank online.

Frank says his plans are to "travel the college circuit and heckle Dan".    He laughs and says his high school reunion is coming up, and then he needs to just get back home, sleep in his own bed and wear some different clothes. He needs to find a job.  Dan mentions how passionate Frank is  about food, and how he can describe a salad and state concrete reasons why it is good.  He thinks Frank should write a blog called Frank Eudy - Everyman Foodie.  (I know Dan is trying to be supportive, but it comes off as condescending, after his big CAA news.)

Frank thinks he would have been good on BB12, and would have fit right in with the Brigade.  (He went to Finals that year.)  He also thinks he would have fared well on BB13, after Jeff said they could have played  together.  Frank says he and Jeff played the same game---playing hard and honest.  But he's glad he was on BB14 and says it was an epic battle to stay in the house every week.  Dan says that he believes Frank will have redemption in the game, and "stamped his ticket for All Stars".

Laremy asks what they like to spend money on.  Frank says he likes to go out to eat, and also likes to "sport a fresh pair of Nikes".  Dan doesn't like to spend on things, but likes to take vacations, and maybe buy a video game.  Laremy summarizes that Dan likes "experiential things" and Dan agrees, adding that he drives a 2005 Taurus with 109,000 miles on it.

Laremy asks what they are cheap about.  Dan likes to use perishable items like liquid soap as long as possible, adding water to stretch it out.  Frank says he used to spend more before he move in with Nana 9 years ago.  She taught him to be more thrifty in general.  Dan writes the date on a container of deodorant so he can track how long it takes him to use it up.  He plans to have a new package "auto delivered" when he needs it "so he never has to think about it again for his entire life".

We are now 43 minutes into the lunch meeting, and Ian finally shows up.  They clap.  Ian mumbles about "bad seafood".  He answers a few catch up questions, saying he likes green peppers and chicken on his pizza, and he likes to ride his bike for exercise.

Leremy asks them if there is a talent they'd like to have.  Ian wishes he was more physically fit, and thinks that may have helped him in the game, as well.  Dan wishes he could play the piano.  He took lessons but they just didn't stick.  Frank agrees.  He can't carry a tune and feels it is too late to fix that, but would love to play a musical instrument. 

Dan brings up the Wizards of the Coast trip again, berating Ian for not going.  Ian says that he's not feeling up to it.

Dan:  It was all that seafood!

Frank:  We really pounded the seafood last night!

(ha ha ha)

Laremy asks them for relationship advice and someone mentions the "half log treatment".  Dan hides behind his napkin when he hears this.  Frank laughs but then says that the key seems to be to give more than you get, and to be selfless.  Dan agrees, adding that both people need to be 100% confident and comfortable with themselves, otherwise you spend all of your time having to build up the other person.  Then ironically Dan adds that you must be selfless.

Ian mentions that there needs to be a balance in the relationship.  He mentions "being a doormat" and that didn't work out very well.  Dan says things should look up for him from here on out.

SuperPass is getting involved with Matt Hoffman's annual Halloween party (hopefully the live feed is still free) and Ian says he will indeed be going and can't wait.  Dan says that Ian is obsessed with Matt and talked about him every day inside the BB house. Dan asked him last night who he would have dinner with...Matt or Kristin, and Ian immediately said Matt.

Frank might not be able to go...he's got his high school reunion, and then Ashley is coming down to visit, and will be leaving only two days before Halloween.  He finds out that Laremy will be there and says he's going to show up then.  (Laremy mentioned that SuperPass would buy Frank's plane ticket.)

So, let's look for Frank at the Hoff-o-Ween bash, as well as Ian.  As long as he's not puking in the bushes.

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