Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What's in Jenn's Head? #BB14

Danielle told her today that she and Shane are voting Frank out.  Jenn was shocked.   They were laying outside by the pool.  Jenn thinks she has made a Final Three deal with Dan and Danielle.  Jenn thinks she is patching up the Dan vs. Danielle "feud" that has been brewing since Dan's BB "Funeral".  Dani complained at the way Frank has been treating her and Jenn said she will talk to him.

  Ian made a sandwich.

Jenn just sat down with her protein shake and stared at the memory wall.

Jenn:  Well....isn't this a motherfucker...

 Jenn sat Frank down in the Have Not room and told him to go easy on Danielle, don't ride her so hard.  Be nice to the girl.

So I guess Dan can feel free to throw the next HOH, too, huh?

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