Saturday, September 15, 2012

Total Sloth #BB14

Dan got up first, and laid around thinking.  He said hello to his wife, and talked about the St. Mary's football team and wondered how football season is going.

Danielle gets up and joins him.  They whisper about Ian, and how they have only seen him do dishes twice this season.  Danielle says he just sits and watches other people clean, and seems to think he is the most entitled person in the world.

Dan says Ian is young, but Danielle says she is only two years older than he is.  Dan implies that Ian has other issues to deal with, and Danielle is more mature than he is.

Everyone seems to think that the Part #2 competition will be the "Face Morph" competition.  Dan comes in and whispers about different facial features, and who has them.  He points to the creases on either side of the mouth, and lists the people who have those in their memory wall pictures.

Production hates Danielle.  If you need any proof of that, check out these long slow camera shots they just gave us.  They would NEVER do this to Janelle or Britney.

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