Monday, September 10, 2012

The POV Ceremony is Over #BB14

and Shane used the POV.  Danielle is on the block now.  Jenn is sitting in the Arcade with Ian, and is discussing the possibility of him having to break up the tie vote on the live episode.

Jenn apologizes if "she got loud with him".  She told him she really, really wants to be there and wants him to consider that.  Ian said he needs to break up the couple, but I'm not sure if he means Danielle with Shane, or Danielle with Dan.  Ian leaves and Jenn says he can leave the door open...."fuck it".

Danielle is face down on the sofa.  The feeds are super choppy as everyone logs on to see this.


Dan walks through the living room and motions for Shane to follow him.  Shane told him that Ian is upstairs now, but that he heard Jenn yelling at him and it was LOUD.

(I'm ready to yell.  I want the Quack Pack to turn on each other!  I guess it is possible that Ian would break the tie---but will he evict Danielle???)


  1. I vote to evict Danielle.

    Please, pretty please, with sugar & spice on it, PLEASE!

  2. House Guests, Denise has cast her vote.

    Danielle, you have been evicted from the Big Brother house.

    Don't let the door hit your huge ass on the way out!

    1. But it's in Jenn's BLOOD, it's in her SOUL! She's GOT to stay!


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