Saturday, September 29, 2012

SuperPass Finale Backyard Interviews - Ian Terry #BB14

I am trying to watch BB14 SuperPass content that I haven't watched yet, before my subscription ends next week.

I watched some of the interviews live after the Finale, but missed quite a few since I needed to go to bed on the East Coast.

Spicy interviewed Ian.  He is surprised to have so many fans.  He shifts back and forth on his feet as he talks, and is holding a yellow blanket, I think.  He said the first week in the house as a SuperFan was a sensory overload.

 Spicy mentions his "hashtags" that he always talks abouto.  Ian is going to use #QuackPack, #BB14, #TulaneTerryWins, and #BB12KristinDateMe.

Ian:  Please, please?

Most of the interview is the same old stuff that we've all heard by now.  I don't think Ian knew yet about all of the betrayal yet, so he is talking about the Quack Pack constantly and how great it was.  Spicy is a Frank fan and brings him up several times, including asking Ian if he knows Frank and Ashley kissed.  He did.

Ian gets "free live feeds for life now" and his happy about this.  She asks him for one-word descriptions of each person.

Frank:  Funny
Dan:  Slimey
Britney:  Sweet

He didn't think he would be friends with Britney, and says that he felt horrible about evicting Mike Boogie.  He was worried that Mike would "kind of tear his head off" but Spicy says that Mike has said nothing but good things about him.   Now Ian does say that he knows he was the only true and loyal member of the QP, and that hurts, but is glad to hear that it was a solid team for some of the game.

Ian says Danielle was a sweet girl and thought she might beat him in the end.  Spicy disagrees, but Ian said he would have taken Dan because he gave his word to Dan that he would take him.  Spicy can't wait to show Ian the town when he visits Seattle to visit SuperPass.

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