Friday, September 7, 2012

Pandora Has Red Hair #BB14

And after an hour long break, Pandora has indeed been in the house.  And I think Pandora was Rachel Reilly.

Ian was somehow stuck with Rachel, and I think everyone else saw some sort of recorded Skype message from their families.  Jenn is saying that her mom is a cancer survivor, so this means a lot to her.

Nominations have not taken place yet.  Jenn told Ian outside to talk to him.  Ian says the nominations will be fast and not intended to sweat anybody.

Jenn is the only one in the house left who has not gotten a letter from home, so this was so great for her and she is "glad Ian opened it".  She gave him a hug and said other people want to talk to him.

Dan's message was from Chelsea and their dog Frank.  She said, "this is the good Frank, not the one you've been living with".  Dan says he lost it.

Ian:  There was a picture of my parents, and it said that there was a message from somebody who loves you...

I guess it was Rachel Reilly!

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  1. I hope she gave him a super power.


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