Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mike Boogie Chats with Joker's Updates #BB14

Jokerette from Joker's Updates held a Blogtalk interview with Mike Boogie last week.  This interview occurred during the live HOH competition on the "solar swing", just after Britney was evicted.

The interview is kind of a cluster.  Jokerette is trying to interview Mike, but there is some other girl on the line who is watching the live feeds and giving updates.  Mike makes it clear that he's not watching the live feeds, and doesn't really give a crap about it, but they continue to give him updates about Ian's every action and thought.

It's kind of rude to Mike, I think.  As is common with most of the fan chats, the same questions get asked over and over.  At one point, someone asked him what he thinks about stuff that has happened since he was "in the house".

Mike took this question to mean his thoughts about real life events that have happened this summer, and mentions how disturbed he is by the Batman movie shooting, and also the recent suicide by Tony Scott, a famous director who jumped off a bridge in California two weeks ago.

The interviewer actually INTERRUPTS him and says they want to know what he thinks about what has happened in the Big Brother house since he left, not his thoughts about the outside world.  Can you believe that?  Mike does not watch the live feeds, and already said he hasn't been watching.  And he probably knows Tony Scott from his restaurants, so hearing his response would have been interesting.

To me, hearing Mike's thoughts about how he has re-entered his daily life after being locked up for so long would be so interesting, including hearing how he learned about significant news events.  The various women hosting the call actually interrupt Mike a number of times to argue with each other about what is going on in the house,  cutting Mike off mid-stream.

I'm kind of embarrassed, listening to it.  Here is the link where you can hear it for yourself.  It's kind of a big deal for Mike to participate like this---he has always assumed that all of the fans hate him, so this is a rare opportunity to hear from him.

Mike is gracious to the callers and greets them by name and location, if possible.  Its a very long interview, so if you have other things to do while sitting at your computer you might enjoy it. 

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