Monday, September 24, 2012

Jenn City Tweets, Brooklyn Style #BB14

Jenn Arroyo is back in action in Brooklyn, and seems to be enjoying everything life has to offer.  She's tweeting here and there with the fans, and with her former cast mates.

Someone asks her about Danielle...but Jenn City is a class act and is not going to dish the dirt in a public forum.  Maybe she can write a song about her?  

 And here she exchanges a greeting with Britney.  Jenn said a number of times on the live feeds that she thought Britney was hilarious and would have wanted to work with her in the game.  They mention "sweatinmytitsoff", which is a little song they used to sing in the house.   About Dan, I think.  But all in good fun.

 Here she chats about life after Big Brother, someone asks her if she made up with Ashley after their argument in the house.  Jenn says of course they did.  (Ashley said at the Wrap Party that there is "one person" she won't keep in touch with, but she didn't want to say who that was.  I'm guessing Danielle?)

And this inquisitive tweeter asked Jenn if she knows that Danielle has been telling everyone that Jenn and Ashley hooked up in the house.  Jenn denies it.  I tweeted her with a link to my analysis of Jenn's hand signals when evicting Ashley, but so far she is blowing me off.  Taking the high road, perhaps?  Just trying to have fun, Jenn City!

And here Dan Gheesling reaches out to Jenn, saying he is sorry to miss her party, but is going to buy her album.   I love how he quoted her song "you look so pretty, digging your grave".  I can't believe he somehow managed not to plug his website or books.  Maybe he was fishing for a free CD, since she mentions "sending him some stuff".

That is sure to be one hell of a party, huh?  

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