Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hey Nana! I'm Painting! #BB14

The Jury members have been doing arts and crafts in the Jury House, along with a few other activities, I'm sure.  As in the past year, you can win one of their paintings by sending a tweet to @CBSBigBrother, with #jurygiveaway in the Tweet.  (I think they auctioned the paintings last year, but whatever...)

Frank's paining no doubt signifies the uphill battle he faced in the house each week.  If he wasn't in charge of things, he was sitting in one of the red nomination chairs.  Just like in real life, we can't really see what is beyond the next hill.  I'll bet there will another big hill next summer Frank.  Eat your Wheaties, son.

Speaking of Frank, why here is Ashley's painting.  There are 16 house guests in this little world, each one with a little individual flair.  Like Joe has a chef's hat, Wil has a captains hat, Dan has his Karate Kid headband and Bible.  Why, Willie even has a little tiny mohawk and seems to be holding a pork rind.  Bless her heart.

And here is Britney's painting.  I guess she hasn't realized yet that the Quack Pack turned against her and voted her out.  Bless her heart then, too.  It is a cute painting.  I like the way they used stamps this year for letters.

This painting is actually my favorite.  I love the colors.  It actually looks like a book cover in the picture below, right?  Jenn looks so different in this picture...then I realized that you can't see her tattoos very well the way she is sitting.   Where's the city, Jenn?  If CBS is kind enough to give me this painting, I will frame it and already have a great place for it in my office.  Thank you in advance, CBS.

Who peed in Joe's cornflakes?  Have you ever seen him look so mean?  Take a chill pill Joe.  He looks so skinny here---maybe that is why he looks pissed off.  Eat a sandwich, Joe.  I like this painting, too, but then again I'm kind of a foodie.

And then there is Shane.  Shane is angry,  This looks like the sort of thing that Dan would get in the mailbox and handle very carefully, so as not to smudge any fingerprints that could be used as evidence.  I wonder if Shane will wear his puka beads tonight for the finale?


I wish Wil had been on the Jury.  I can't even imagine what his art would look like.  You can see the paintings on the CBS website here, as well as the contest rules.

Last year there was a video that showed Jeff, Brendon, and Dani Donato making their paintings.  Jeff said making his clown shoe painting was theraputic for him.  From the FeedWatcher archives, here is a link to that session.  Someone actually sold Jeff's painting on Ebay afterwards, too.  I guess it didn't work with their decor.

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