Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Have You Ever Wanted to Dress Just Like Mike Boogie? #BB14

Well, you can either try to find a self-help group for that, or you can buy one of the four shirts that Mike is currently selling on Ebay.  You can start bidding at this link.


  1. What a weird way to make money, from a guy who doesn't really need the money. I guess this is just an example of how he's become a successful business man.

    No thanks Boogie. We're not all suckers.

  2. What about that god-awful pink plaid fiasco he wore the night he was evicted?

  3. I think he DOES need the money which is why he went on in the first place. He lived way beyond his means for years living the high hollywood life. The revenue streams for the restaurants have gone down due to closings or the recessions. And he is only a partner in the Dolce Group he doesn't get a lion share of the profits. And they don't own the places they are a managment group. If he is taking the time and time is money, then he needs the money.

    BTW I would post more but this stupid password generator is HORRIBLE!! I am a person NOT A ROBOT!


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