Monday, September 3, 2012

Dan Pranks Danielle #BB14

I guess Danielle did something last night to ruin a good game of pool, so Dan retaliated by taking a pair of Danielle's panties and freezing them in a block of ice.

He just served them up to her at the table.    She was pretty amazed by it.  She inspected the block of ice and could see the tag, saying that was a good pair of panties.

Dan took the block of panty-ice out to the backyard, telling Jenn he was bringing her some dessert.  He threw the block in the pool and it made a big splash.


Dan really goes crazy now, and brings his 24 Hour House Party cake to the table, saying they can eat it since Jessie didn't take it.  He keeps saying that he's eaten week-old cakes before, and that they "probably sit at the grocery store for 2 weeks all of the time".

Shane is skeeving on that cake.  He can't believe Dan is going to eat it---it has been sitting in that Have Not room for over a week.

 Meanwhile Danielle is sitting watching her panties thaw in the hot tub.  She and Jenn are laughing about the prank, and says that is totally a  brother-sister type of prank.

Danielle came back in the house and served herself a slice of cake, and was enjoying it until Frank pointed out that it had "been sitting in a room all week with pee and poop!"   Shane says, "no, the pee and poop were removed".


Frank:  Well, does it taste cold?

(ha ha ha)


She may have been upset, but she took another couple of bites.  Frank points out that she'll eat a hostess cake, and that's been sitting on the store shelf "for weeks"!

Joe:  But that's different---there are perservatives involved for that type of food.

Shane inspects Britney's picture, and says there is red and green glitter all over it--not the screen, but the picture, and no one else has that.

Frank wants to go outside, drink some beer and play some Baggo for the rest of the day.  Shane thinks that would be awesome.  Frank, Joe,and Dan have all asked the DR to give them some booze for the holiday.

Frank:  You know, anybody with enough authority to approve that decision probably has the day off today. No offense, Caleb.


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  1. There is something off about a 29 year old married man freezing a 23 year old single girl's panties. He shouldn't be touching her panties, ever.


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