Thursday, September 6, 2012

Big Brother Behind the Scenes #BB14

Now this is what I'm talking about!  There is a great series of videos out there hosted by Adam, the "Social Insider", showing us what goes on in the backyard when they build all of the fantastic competition sets.  It is truly amazing to see how creative and talented these people are.

This year they are giving away some of the items from the sets, and some costumes, but I have no idea if this has already happened yet or not.  You can learn how to enter by watching the clips below.

This first video shows the crew putting together the first HOH competition--the Bed Hopping challenge.  It took them two days to construct this competition.  And Ted weighs 4 pounds.  Lots of fun facts here.

This video shows how they put together the POV competition called Memory Chip, where they were dressed as taco chips and jumped into guacamole.  Except that's not how I make my guacamole.  Just sayin'...

This is the set up for the Juggler POV competition, where they had to keep two balls going in the chute.  The crews report for duty to start setting up this stuff at 4:30 in the morning!  Adam demonstrates his technique, and this is the same technique used by Shane to win the competition---waiting to release one ball until the second ball is rolling down.

It is amazing to see how many people are buzzing around the backyard putting all of this together.  This clip shows them setting up the Field of Dreams POV competition.  I don't remember much about this one...sometimes I am partying "a little" while I watch the show.  I think this is the competition where Jenn won the Maui trip and Ian put on the dog costume.  And Mike Boogie had to yell at Ian for not being more ruthless.  (ha ha ha  he wanted him to be more ruthless)

And this is the competition that was hosted by the Zingbot, who as we all know passed out cold in the backyard under the heat of that robot costume.  I recently heard (but not on this video) that when the Zingbot is in the house, the Zingbot voice is piped over the loudspeakers, so the person in the Zingbot costume is not a comedian, or even supposed to speak.  It's probably just a lowly intern or a P.A.  You know, someone who is expendable.  (During BB12, the "Zingbot" freaked out and took off their gloves and started screaming "get me out of here", according to Britney Haynes.)

This video shows us the behind-the-scenes situation in the Art Department as they get ready for the Candy World POV competition.  This is the competition where the house guests all got their "secret" stashes of candy they have squirreled away in the bedrooms.  Too bad Jessie didn't know about that, huh?  I'm kind of digging this Adam guy, the video host.   Why don't they put someone like him in the house?  Too normal, maybe? Probably too smart to leave his behind-the scenes job.

And this video shows us the OTEV competition.  It is amazing to see how this artist created the Alien OTEV out of a block of styrofoam.  I must warn you....the sounds of him sawing, shaving and sanding that syrofoam are worse than nails on a chalkboard....

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