Friday, August 10, 2012

Time for the Have Not Competition #BB14

Frank just burst out of the DR yelling that it's time for the first Have Not competition.   I don't know if you can see what he has in his hands, but it's a cowboy hat, and a sandwich that appears to be made out of foam rubber components.

 I don't know about you, but I'm getting very tired of the Spiritard.  Frank said last night that he had to wear it until midnight.  Or something like that.

Also, about Ashley....she can barely move today.  I think someone came to give her a shot of cortisone, but it's supposed to be some big secret.  Will she compete?  Will they let her be a Have if she doesn't?  Is that fair?

I hope Ian doesn't tamper with the process this week by volunteering to be a Have Not.  I'd like to see Mike Boogie be a Have Not, so he can have the true Big Brother experience.  I heard him talking to Janelle about it, and he's never had to do anything like that on the show, and wasn't sure he'd be able to handle it.  The America's Choices were pretty bad---if he doesn't get the choice with the Cod, the experience is likely to be pretty rough for someone who likes a high-protein diet.

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