Tuesday, August 14, 2012

They're Baaaaaaaacck! (The Ants) #BB14

The kitchen is infected with ants again.  Joe has done some investigative cleaning, and found that the source of the problem seems to be the maple syrup.  He said there must be 500 ants in the bottle of syrup.

Mike was sitting with Jenn and Wil outside on the patio and is talking about Britney's poor cleaning habits.  Wil says he has seen her do the dishes once, and Mike says it is Day #39---maybe she will do them one more time before the season is over.

(You can see the packing in Mike's ear---he has a painful ear infection right now.)

Mike wondered if Britney is this sloppy about cleaning in her real life, or if her husband is one of those whipped guys who just accepts her being like that.

Mike:  I'm pretty sure Janelle cleans at home because she's just sitting there all day, but Britney....

I think Mike was waiting for her to come outside so he could say something about it.  I heard him say, "She has to come out here sometime..".

Frank wonders why the ants didn't infest the bag of M & M's that is apparently just laying out on the counter.  Joe thinks it is because of the hard candy shell. 

I guess the ants are lazy, too, and eat the easiest targets first. 

Meanwhile all cameras now show us Britney curling Danielle's hair and chit chatting about various topics.  Britney wants today to be a Spa Day for herself and wants to spend a few hours giving herself a facial, talking a bath, etc.

Danielle looks a little like an Oompa Loompa in the picture below, right?  

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