Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Zingbot is a Girl #BB14

Britney is talking on the sidelines with Frank and Mike.  I clearly heard the following:

Britney:  The Zingbot heat stroke girl is someone you would recognize...


*  She announced that there would be no Have Nots this week and was thrilled.  Everyone starts discussing the bed situation, and who will sleep where.  Dan asks Frank not to fart but Frank says he can't make any promises.

*  She told Frank about Wil's singing career and albums.  I'm not sure what Frank said but I guess they'll talk about that later.

The tidbits of information that Julie gave them from current events are news they are savoring.  A few minutes ago Jenn asked "How many gold medals?" and Britney yelled "46!".

Joe had a very hard fall a few minutes ago and they told the crew on the roof that they could go ahead and laugh if they wanted to.  Britney pointed to one of them and said he had never cracked a smile in his life!

They've been working on this for about 75 minutes now.  Britney whispers that Wil would have been really good at this--with the cardio skills and the balance.


They're already treating Shane as the HOH.  They asked him what his CD might be and he says it might be Poisen's Greatest Hits. (OMG.)

Britney:  Did you ask for Eminem?

Shane:  Yeah, near the bottom though.  I asked for Blink 182 near the top...

Everyone hopes for that.  They enthusiastically say they love Blink 182.  Anything but Poisen, huh?

Britney says that Dan is as far along as Ian now, and he spent half the time on safety.  She thinks he could have won HOH.  Frank wonders if there is booze in the storage room yet.  He wants to go ahead and start getting drunk.

Britney: Yeah.  They still owe us for watching the Zingbot guy....

(I thought she just said it was a girl! )

Britney, to Danielle:  Hey!  Chubs Number One over hear is getting ready to rage!

Danielle:  Chubs Number Two is getting ready too!

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