Friday, August 10, 2012

The Plan for Today #BB14

Everyone has woken up slowly today in the Big Brother house.  They are going to be outside for a long time today--Britney has advised everyone to apply sunscreen.  I would advise Mike again not to keep sitting in the Nomination Chair, but I don't think he needs my lousy advice.  What he's doing seems to be working for him.

I think they will be having a Have Not competition this afternoon.  And then we can look forward to the nominations later today.

We have been seeing FISH a lot this morning, due to the nature of the chatter of the houseguests.

*  Ashley is still in a lot of pain.  I think she received meds yesterday, and may have gotten a shot of cortisone in one of her butt cheeks from some sort of doctor.  Mike tried to talk to her about it, and to give her some advice on stretching, but BB didn't want us to hear that, apparently.

*  Dan has a friend who just sold a screenplay to someone.  He works in real estate and writes.  Mike told Dan that if the movie gets made, then he can get work editing screenplays and scripts.  BB didn't like that topic, either.

*  Mike chatted with Frank about his HOH pictures and letter, which was apparently written by Nana.  Mike asked Frank what Nana meant by saying "the feed has been tough", or something like that.  Frank explained that "Nana works in commodities--feed and grain and stuff".  Mike and Dan  assumed that she worked on a farm, but Frank clarified that Nana was a commodities trader and they were laughing about Nana being a financial genius.

* Mike expected "Zebra Cake Chris" to be be very overweight, but he wasn't in the picture that Frank has.  I think those are Little Debbie Cakes...

*  They chatted about Frank's frequent visits to Pelican Larry's in Naples.  Apparently Pelican Larry has built quite an empire in the Naples area, with several locations.  I'm not sure which location Frank frequents, but he told Mike that Naples doesn't have many (or even any) bars located directly on the water.  You can visit Pelican Larry's website, but don't say I didn't warn you about how loud he is---I guess no one ever said pelicans use a quiet speaking voice.  (If I were Pelican Larry, I'd start putting together some BB Viewing Parties, since Frank will be in the game for a while.  Go make that money Pelican Larry.)

*  Wil and Britney looked at Janelle's black and white picture on the Memory Wall and added insult to injury by critiquing it.  They think her hair and eyebrows look really white and scary.  Wil mentioned the movie Poltergeist.  (Real nice, Wil.)


  1. "The feed has been tough" - maybe that is code from Nana?

  2. Maybe it's code from Nana about watching her grandson fart all over place. Or maybe having to hear that he stinks.... Or maybe she's referring to that big hole in the crotch of his Spiritard!

    Sorry Nana! I'm sure the live feed is tough for you!


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