Thursday, August 2, 2012

The HOH Room is Now Closed #BB14

and the house guests are moving about the house.  Shane is grabbing his last few items before he locks the door, and Mike Boogie comes back to gather various glasses and cups.

Shane has a jalapeno from the POV challenge he won where they had to jump in big pools of salsa and guacamole.  If I were Shane, I would put that in my luggage.  He has a lot of enemies in there.

Now Frank is giving Joe a little pep talk about this being a game, and they all signed up for it.  Joe tells us he needs to get a few more plugs in for his Made Love TV webshow.

I think Joe wants to believe that he is safe, but is nervous about it, particularly Wil's vote.  Britney and Ashley lounge in the bathroom, heckling Dan and Ian as they move through there.

For some reason I took a bunch of pictures that didn't save, including some of Shane holding his large jalapeno slice.  I'm bummed.  Sorry.

Britney thinks Ashley's loyalty to Janelle is up for grabs, and she appears to waste no time cultivating some loyalty for herself.

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