Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Shane Tweets....Again. #BB14

I guess the most exciting part of Shane's tweets as HOH this week is his use of the word Quack twice.

I think CBS and AGP need to re-think their use of Twitter for the game.  The best part of Twitter is that it is interactive.  This just feels so one-sided.

Maybe they could find a way for more people to tweet, and maybe answer a fan's question.

One of the only things I liked about Glass House was the Fanswers.  The players could ask a secret question and then the host would read the answer only, leaving the questions as a part of their imagination.  So the answer read might be "Never", or "Skid Row", or "JoJo".

Maybe they could have a contest where the HG try all week to get the most followers for their BB Twitter account, and the one who does is notified secretly and wins cash.  You know the paranoia would drive people crazy. 

***ALSO***  I don't think the Quack Pack will be under the radar much longer.  I heard Ian today stressing out about what he should do about the vote after Mike is evicted.  Should he blame his vote on Joe?  I think Ian shouldn't be so vocal about his clear self interest.  Dan took a lot of crap this week and Ian can't expect to stay under the radar with his betrayals much longer.  It will be hard for him to stay under the radar after Thursday's double eviction...

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  1. Excellent idea about the Twitter contest. It could really catch on.


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