Friday, August 10, 2012

Shane Gets His Hands on the Ladies #BB14

Danielle needed her back cracked, so Shane went over to the bathroom lounge where she was laying and tried to help her out.  Britney came in and joked that she felt uncomfortable witnessing this.  They ended up moving the back-cracking action to the floor.

He tried a few times and then said he was done.  I'm sure she would have laid there all day if possible.  Did you know how competitive Britney is around other girls?  Well, she is.  She wants to see if Shane can pick her up to crack her back, so he does.

Danielle, however, is still laying on the floor.

Britney is now walking on Danielle's back. Frankly, I'm surprised Big Brother is allowing this.  What if Danielle claims back problems later?  Who do you think she's going to blame?

I guess Britney likes to be competitive with the guys, too.  She tells Shane that none of the guys in the house are as big as her husband Ryan.

Shane ponders on that.  What about Frank, he says?

Britney:  He's bigger around than Frank.

Shane. Wow.

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  1. I saw Britney's wedding pictures, Ryan isn't that big he is kinda fat actually and plain looking. Frank is bigger than Ryan.


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