Friday, August 17, 2012

Julie Chen is Fed Up with the Asskissing #BB14

This interview was conducted by Entertainment Weekly by Lynette Rice.  I'm glad someone is addressing this---Dan was WAY OUT OF LINE with his smarmy comments to our Julie when he cast his vote last night.  It was even worse than the week before, which I didn't think possible.

And I think Frank needs to stop calling her "Jules".  Do you think Jeff Schroeder would do that?  Hell to the no. Show some respect, assholes. 

AGP has been put on notice by Ms. Chen for them to cease and desist with that crap. It's way too late for Alison Grodner to nip it in the bud, she needs to drench this problem with Round Up at this point.

And Julie says Frank wanted to "get some" off Ashley, and called him "Boogie's Flunkie". And she also found the time to slam Christie Brinkley's legs!  Tell it, Julie!

You can see the interview on the EW website here.

Shane and Dan, the Chenbot’s got a bone to pick with you!

Host Julie Chen doesn’t appreciate the endless stream of compliments she’s receiving during the live Big Brother shows. In EW’s weekly chat, Chen addresses the unwanted attention, plus Frank’s game play and who won HOH.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY There was a whole lot of kissing up to the Chenbot last night, including references to your looks and Jenn asking if you had a sister. Do the houseguests think sucking up to the host will help them in the game?

JULIE CHEN It’s a waste of time. I told the producers, you’ve got to clamp that down! It’s getting obsequious. I think they are getting too comfortable with the Chenbot. I cracked the door open with my big toe and now they are busting it wide open. This is my house! Show some respect.

Did Frank make a mistake not back-dooring Dan?

No I think he played it right. Boogie has been giving him the best advice, and had he back-doored Dan it would have been just the two of them against the entire house.

What do you think about Shane winning HOH?

It can be interesting. I think the last time Shane was HOH he got a little drunk with power because he listens to everything Britney says. Britney can push him to make a bold move. I think he all he needs is a little egging on and ego stroking, like, ‘you can change the course of this game, you can be remembered as the one who got Boogie. If he was smart, he would draw a line in stand now. I would work out deal with Joe, and work on plan to go after Frank or Boogie.

Why do you think Frank made out with Ashley? Do you think he likes her or just wants to curry favor?

I think neither. He took her comment about her need for testosterone as a come-on line. Suddenly he was like, ‘you’re cute enough. I’m going to get some.’ It was a pure hormonal male move. I don’t think he is pining away.

Frank is so tethered to Boogie, he wore Boogie’s shirt that featured a picture of Boogie’s son! Will that hurt him in the long run?

I don’t think it will ultimately hurt him. At times he has shown that he has a mind of his own, like he wanted to backdoor Dan. Nothing could hurt him more in this game. He’s already a big target because he’s good at physical challenges and he’s Boogie’s flunkie, so I think people just
looked at the shirt, rolled their eyes, and thought, typical.

Why did you guys decide to break from form and share pop culture trivia with the houseguests? Doesn’t that violate what Big Brother is all about?

Yes expect the unexpected! It was harmless information. If anything, it was the shot in the arm. We are past the halfway point. Yes, we did break traditional rules, but now is as good of time as any. It’s season 14!

Last question: the Zingbot was in rare form this week, especially when it slammed Danielle. If the Zingbot went after your body glitter, would you take it hard?

I would laugh harder than I already do. I make own jokes. I don’t how it looks until I get home! I don’t want Christie Brinkley legs, either. She was our lead guest on The Talk, and we thought she would talk about her nasty divorce. But she walked in with tan, oil slick legs! Now every time I am too greasy I tell hair and makeup, don’t give me Christie Brinkley legs!

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  1. I'm pretty sure she was being sarcastic. She even referred to herself as Chenbot. If she wasn't being sarcastic, she is the one with the issues, not the HG.


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