Saturday, August 11, 2012

Joe's Cooking #BB14

In the HOH Ian has joined Mike and Frank to chat about things.

Joe made "candy cane" cupcakes along with banana bread this morning and Ian tried one of the cupcakes.  He found a "huge" piece of the plastic candy wrapper in his cupcake.

Mike:  Aside from the wrapper, how was the cupcake?

Ian:  Well, it was burnt on the outside and raw and slimy on the inside.

Frank:  Am I the only one who thinks that Joe's cookin' was better in the first few weeks of this?

Mike agrees.

Ian said that people are talking about this week being a fast forward, but he pointed out that he's never seen them do that with more than 6 players in the game.  He thinks that is because there isn't time to pick players for the POV, so they wait until there is no need to do that.

Mike thought about it and said they did it in his season when they got down to 6 players.

Downstairs Britney and Dan are talking about who they keep in touch with from their seasons.  I didn't get to hear all of it, but it was interesting.  Dan is saying now that Jerry came to his wedding, and talked to Dan's mom about his wife dying of cancer.  He says that Jerry loved Memphis and tried to talk to him all of the time but Memphis shut him down.  He didn't like Dan but we get FISH as Dan talks about and now all cameras are on the HOH.

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