Sunday, August 26, 2012

Jeff Takes One for the CBS Team and Talks to Ashley Iocco #BB14

Jeff Schroeder did the deed and spent 27 minutes trying to converse with Ashley Iocco after her eviction on Thursday night's double eviction show.

Jeff starts out by saying she is "in really bad shape right now".  He says she has been crying and she sounds like she could be crying, but laughing at the same time.  She is holding a Kleenex for part of the interview.

He asked her how this happened, and she started going off on a tangent about how she lives in a spiritual world, she made a game move, but it wasn't really a game get the picture I'm sure.

Ashley:  I just keep thinking of that Emenim get one opportunity...

Jeff:  You threw up your mom's spaghetti?

Ashley, stunned:  What?

Jeff:  It's part of the song.

Ashley:  Oh yeah...

Jeff has a little electronic note pad that he is using to source his info and questions.  Jeff is pretty good with Ashley, and just lets her talk and talk and talk.

Jeff:  I wonder what other songs are going on in that head...

(ha ha ha)

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I really have better things to do than to transcribe this entire train wreck.  They had to stop the tape a few times and the splicing is evident by a screen transition type of thing.   Here are some tidbits, though.

*  She is not happy about her date with Frank was not worth all of this.
*  She is devastated to have left the house.  Jeff tells her to take a deep breath--she's still part of the game in the Jury.
*  She mentions how PISSED Jenn was at her.
*  She feels that her dates were blown out of proportion on the show.
*  She mentions kissing Mike Boogie and Jeff was shocked.  (They didn't show their make out session on the Spin the Bottle episode on CBS, but she actually kissed Mike harder than Frank.)
*  Jeff asked her how many people total did she kiss.  She says just two, but after prodding she admits she had a little peck with Ian.
*  She snacked a lot and was crucified by the others for "eating all the good nuts".
*  She is super mad at Ian--why didn't he evict someone like Shane who is a threat, instead of her?
*  She'd like to remain friends with everyone, eventually.
*  Her favorite moment was Wil making fun of Jodi.  Jeff had to really prod her to give another example, probably one that was on the TV show.
*  She has no idea what she said in her speech and knows she is going to hear a lot about that.

I think it's best that you watch the video for yourself, if you are interested.  Here is the link and good luck with that.

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