Saturday, August 4, 2012

Good Morning Sunshine #BB14

Janelle got up early and went in the kitchen and found Wil there.  They whispered a little--Janelle wanted to talk to him last night, after he was nominated, but he just wanted to be alone.

Janie is still sore from Thursday night and Wil does a few stretches with her.

He's been missing his family a lot, particularly after Thursday night.  Janelle understands, and whispers that she has the votes to keep him, not to worry. 

Frank appears and is going to make steak and eggs.  Wil is going to make his "breakfast bowl" that he makes every morning, an homage to the breakfast his mom Peggy makes for him in Louisville.

Janelle decides not to go back to bed, so she pours a cup of coffee and sits at the table.  Frank is annoyed that someone keeps hard boiling eggs.  He wants to know who does that, but no one will admit to it.

Frank compliments Janie on the cookies she made last night.  Wil is very grossed out by all of the pubic hairs in the shower and feels the time has come for someone to do some cleaning.    Frank says some of it is chest hair that someone keeps shaving at the bathroom sink  (Joe?)

Janie does her own eyebrows and discusses her technique with Wil.

Mike is in the DR, but before he got called in he sat in one of the Nomination Chairs.  I don't think I would sit in those---wouldn't want to get comfortable sitting there.

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