Sunday, August 19, 2012

Froogie Start Working on Ian #BB14

and they are trying to plant ideas in his head about Dan.  Mike says that he didn't just get invited to his wedding with like, 200 other people, but the bachelor party two, with like 8 guys.

Ian:  You met him before this?

Mike tells him how Dan sought him out after winning BB10, and if Dan will do this to him, imagine what he will do to everybody else.

Ian told them that Joe was up until 4:00 in the morning.  He got drunk and then grilled pork chops.  Ian said that he "fucking ate them like this, with the grease just dripping down his arm".

Frank:  That's disgusting...

At one point Ian  says that "he is friends with Dan, but this is a game and they need to understand that".  Frank jumps right on that and wants to know what Ian meant.  (It did sound rather revealing.)

Ian:  Well, this is a game.  And I'm friends with Dan, but I wouldn't hesitate to nominate him.

Frank: OK. I gotcha.

Ian says if he won next week, he would nominate Joe and Ashley.  He's good friends with Ashley, but he will nominate her.

Jenn comes out and it turns into a Team Boogie meeting.  Frank starts talking about how they are all sick of Joe not washing his hands and touching the food, and using all the ground turkey.  (Jenn  has been PISSED about the ground turkey.)

Jenn said last night Joe would go to bed, then get back up and come back outside, like it was a vigil.

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