Saturday, August 25, 2012

Frank Summons Ian to the HOH #BB14

Joe tells Ian that Frank wants to see him, and Ian walks up the stairs.  Frank asks how he slept, and Ian says that "Shane is a kicker".  (He shared a bed with Shane.)

Frank asks him what he was thinking yesterday during the competition.  Ian started talking, and then Frank brings up Ian's vote.  But Frank is blaming everything on Dan, and what he made Ian do.

Ian still says he had 16 seconds to make a decision.  Frank disputes that, and says he and Ian talked for weeks, for months about the way things needed to go.

Ian talks and talks and then says for Frank to remember that Ian "wants Frank in the house".  Ian thinks Frank deserves to be there.  Frank says that he knows Ian likes Britney, but in the end Britney will not take Ian to the end.

Ian:  She will take Shane to the end?  Who won everything?

Frank says that if Ian crosses him again, he'll go to the Jury House and make sure Ian doesn't get any votes.

Ian makes shifty statements like "I won't be voting you out for a long time". 

Meanwhile downstairs Joe tells Britney and Shane that if Ian uses the POV to save Dan, Britney will go up on the block.  Britney thinks that there is no way Ian will use it.

Oh shit. Frank asks him point blank what Dan meant when he said he would rat Ian out.  Several people have talked to Frank about it and he wants to know.

Ian:  I don't really know what he meant by that....

And Ian goes into a story about it, but Frank says no that is not true.   Then Frank mentions Ian using the POV to save Dan or Dani.

Ian:  I won't be using the POV.  The Powers that Be don't like keep that in mind.

FISH on that little bit of information. 

Britney came up to the HOH and then Frank got called to the DR.  We're about to pick players for the POV, I think.

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