Friday, August 17, 2012

Frank is Getting Tired of Being Nominated #BB14

Frank:  If I get nominated, I'm going to be mad at Mike Boogie, for going after the cash instead of the HOH!

Frank didn't intend to have to come into the game and win every competition.  Neither did Ian. Now Frank says he needs to keep winning just to keep pace with Shane in case they are the last two at the end.  Then Frank flat out tells Ian he would rather go to the end with Mike, rather than Ian or Shane!  I think he used the word "obviously", too. 

Ian just bobs up and down and takes it in stride.

Frank made the comment about being mad at Mike in a joking tone, but it won't be a joke later on tonight.  Inside the house, Mike is making chicken fajitas and everyone chatters away like they don't have a care in the world, including Mike.

I'm not a fashion critic, but that's not a good look for Mike Boogie.  It feels like we're seeing a nip slip--the kind you try to look away from as quickly as possible.

And raw chicken is always nasty.  Did you see that the USDA is planning to reduce the amount of oversight over poultry standards?  If you knew how badly chickens are mistreated now, you would be appalled that they plan to make things even worse.  I could give a shit what Chick-Fil-A thinks about gay marriage, but I do care about the millions of tiny feathered lives they are responsible for decimating.

OK.  Sorry for the anti-meat tirade.

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