Thursday, August 2, 2012

Frank Addresses the Live Feeds #BB14

He thanks the armed forces and gives them "mad love" for keeping our country safe.  He says he loves Big Brother, and this game is crazy.  He also loves "being on the block", although he doesn't like having to stay up all night to defend himself.

Mike comes back in and they keep talking.  A few minutes ago, Frank said he might "start putting the mack down on Danielle". 

Mike was surprised, but Frank points out that Danielle always asks him to "spin her around" and approaches him by saying "don't tickle me".

Frank:  OK.  I won't tickle you.

They laugh about that.  Now they say that if the vote is 4-1, Frank thinks they can get Joe's vote in the end for him to win.  Mike says in his good-bye message he said things to Joe about liking his cooking, and that they "might be able to work together in the future" to ensure they have the chance for his vote.

Britney came downstairs a few minutes ago to get more coffee and check in on what they were doing.  For some reason she started talking about Slade from Real Housewives of the OC and gave them blow-by-blow accounts of Slade's love life and legal issues.  You could see Mike's eyes glazing over.

Before leaving Britney made negative comments about Janelle.  Basically saying that Janelle is one of the most popular players in BB history, next to Dr. Will.

Mike:  Maybe even bigger than him, because she embraces the whole internet thing and stays active with it.

Britney:  Well, I'm surprised that, even with all of that, some of the newbies have been smart enough to see through some of her actions..

Frank:  I hope so.  I hope they are.

Mike:  And maybe that is where we are lucky Britney, that they cast some people off Facebook who don't know who in the hell she is.  They're just like, who is this girl who would have made fun of me in high school?

Once alone again they talk about Jenn.  They don't like that she hasn't checked in with them more about her plans.  Sounds like Mike is going to trade her if he has the chance.  He also mentions that Janelle may trade Ashley for Frank if she gets the chance.

(Uh, no, I don't think so.)

Mike wonders about the female coaches wearing dresses tonight, and how they may need to dress differently if they are competing.


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