Saturday, August 4, 2012

Evel Dick is Back from Vacation, and He's Angry #BB14

He is not watching Big Brother at all after this season.  And he means it.

Do you think Dick will stick to his guns and give up the show?  And not go on All Stars if he is called to do that?

I don't know....

But he has given up cigarettes for well over a month now...and that is likely a harder addiction to break than watching Big Brother.

But hasn't Evel Dick made a living from the show, after being on the show?  His RTVZone podcast isn't something he's doing for charity...

I guess time will tell us the story.  It always does.

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  1. He's such a fraud. BB has told him several times they r done with him and told him to stop calling them. Its funny..he's done with something that brought him his 15 minutes. Look at Missyae's tweets...CBS telling dick to get over it...move on....happened several times. spend some time trying to have a daughter ...rather than posting DOUCHEY videos on youtube.


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