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Dick at Nite Show- STARRING JANELLE - Part 2 - 8-14-12 #BB14

This episode of Dick at Nite was taped on August 14, 2012, and is the second part of a special two part interview with Janelle Peirzina, aka Janelle Desanto, aka the Most Popular Big Brother Star of All Time.

This is definitely the good part---she dishes the dirt about her relationship with Dr. Will and gives a play-by-play of the night Willie was evicted.  Also Ashley's drug use.

You can read Part 1 of the interview here.

OK!  Let's go.

1.  When we resume Part 2 of the interview, they are discussing Dan's claims that he has thrown every competition.  We can hear Violet "talking" in the background, but we can't see her, unfortunately.  Dick brings up the Porno Coach's Comp and demands to know who is responsible for this.  Janelle hasn't watched it yet, but says she knows it was probably very suggestive on TV.  Dick says the first part looked like they were sitting on butt plugs, and that we would have refused to do it.

(I would have refused, too.  And it sounds like Violet isn't happy about it, either.)

Janelle feels that the competition sets were more elaborate this year, and probably looked better on TV.  Dick liked the Coach's Comp where they had to race like horses, but didn't like the MC Hammer competition (Fat Stax, yo.)

Dick:  How great was it that Boogie's ego made him lose that, right?

Janelle says that because he jumped off the bar before hitting the button, the Producers said he could either lose, or be a Have Not that week (his team, I guess).  Dick told her that we didn't see that part on TV.

2.  Dick says he wants to ask her something, but she doesn't have to answer.  He asks her about Mike Boogie mentioning Erin Brodie while voting to evict Janelle.

Janelle:  Um......I don't know why he's bringing up stuff from Season's history right now.  He knows what happened between Will and I.  That's the only thing I can tell you.  Basically he's trying to...obviously Erin was super hurt by what we did....I don't want to go into details.

Dick says he wondered "who's Erin?" when he heard that at first, and says a couple million people probably went on Google to find out who she was.  Even Julie Chen said to Entertainment Weekly that she didn't know who Erin Brodie was at that time.

(I think Dick's point was that Mike Boogie made the situation worse for Erin by bringing it up.)

Janelle:  So, I can just say that during BB7,  Will and I had a showmance and he had a girlfriend named Erin Brodie, and the whole time we were on the show we definitely had a showmance going on and we definitely continued that after the show don't know......she's mad...whatever.  It was a long time ago...

Dick:  So why's he bringing it up now?  My season was 5 years ago, All Stars was six years's old.

Janelle:  It's embarrassing.  It's completely embarrassing.  I'm sure Will and Erin Brodie aren't happy about him saying that.  Why would he embarrass know....he's just a piece of shit.

Dick:  He's drudging up old bullshit just to make himself look good.

Dick says that before he was on BB, he did a lot of studying of the show and went online to plan and find out as much as he could about the seasons.  As far as he knew, as a viewer, it was just a "Flirtmance" and Dick never questioned what went on outside of that and assumed they went home to their boyfriends and girlfriends.  And the majority of viewers probably thought the same thing, so Mike just made people want to know what was going on.

Janelle:  The hard core fans kind of knew what went on .  (I didn't.)  The harcore "Winelle" fans knew what happened....Boogie knows what happened!  He's bringing up things that happened after All Stars wrapped.....whatever.

Dick didn't even know that they had a special name "Winelle".  (I didn't either.  Where the hell have I been?)

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3.  Dick brings up the name "Froogie" that he claims to have invented for Frank and Mike Boogie and he says it is a showmance.

Janelle:  It is a showmance.  Boogie is in love with Frank, just as he was in love with Dr. Will.  Boogie falls in love with men very easily.

Dick is silent, and says that he wanted to let that sink in for the viewers.

Dick:  I have no problem ripping on Boogie, and I want to talk about Boogie's clothes..

Janelle:  Ewww.

Dick:  They had a little segment with Dr. Will and they asked him about the Coaches.

He describes what Dr. Will said about Mike's wardrobe.  He wants to know if Mike is going bald---is that the deal with all of the hats?  Then he puts up this picture for Janelle's entertainment--you can see that instead of "Where's Will?" the shirt says "Where's Uncle Jerry?"

Janelle:  He just dresses like a teenager...he doesn't dress like a 42 year old dad.

Dick hasn't seen teenagers dress like that, either.  Janelle thinks his clothes are obnoxious.

Dick:  I have to ask....has Dr. Will done any face stuff to Boogie?

Janelle:  YES!  HELLO!

She points to Mike's forehead area to demonstrate that he has "lots of stuff up there...and his eyes".  She says when he is mad his face doesn't move.  And she can see it on him up close.  (Botox, for sure, but maybe some fillers?)

4.  Now Dick wants to go through the list of house guests and get Janelle's feedback.

Frank:  He is really good at BB and that is why she wanted him out in Week #1. He and Boogie are way too powerful as a couple and they need to be split up.  He has a great social game and is very nice to everyone in the house.  He has some disgusting stuff as well, like his farting and being loud and yelling.  He stinks and doesn't wear deodorant. She had to sleep next to him and he stunk, and isn't ashamed of that.

Joe:  She loves Joe, but says he is a trouble maker sometimes.  He is super loyal and does catch on to things in the house.  He's a shit-stirrer but he doesn't have any allies in the house right now.

Dick asked about the situation with Willie--what really happened?

Janelle:  Willie came upstairs and said he was going to do something and ran back downstairs.  Then I heard massive yelling, and at that point Willie had headbutted Joe three times.  Joe had marks all over his face, and me and Dan went down there and said "What the hell is going on?" and Willie started getting in my face and we were yelling at each other.  I was ready to take him on--I didn't give a shit at that point.  So I yelled "This is my house too, Willie!  You can't tell me what to do!".  And then he reached for pork rinds on the table and picked them up and threw them at me and yelled "Fuck You!"  And then Joe said "don't you talk to Janie like that!"  and then Willie ran over and headbutted him again.

Dick:  What was BB doing?

Janelle:  The WHOLE TIME this was going on they were saying "Willie to the Diary Room!  Willie to the Diary Room!" and when I came downstairs that made Willie even madder and then I said "Bye Willie!" when he went in the diary room.  (see her illustration below!)

(If you don't just love Janelle, then I don't understand you.  She KICKS ASS in my book.)

Janelle:  Then after about an hour, Joe got called to the DR--he had marks all over his face and he had to see a doctor.  I'm pretty sure he had to meet the police too, to see if he wanted to file a police report.

Dick tells her the day he went home he was arrested for DUI and maybe an assault, too.  (That is Dick talking and the actual story is somewhat different.)  Janelle wants to know what Dick would have done in that situation.  If Willie wasn't on his side, he would have pushed him to the edge to see what he would do.  He was looking forward to doing that to Rachel but never got the chance.

5. Now we continue with Janelle's assessment of the BB14 players.

Jenn:  She says Jenn is hard to read, and is there for the wrong reasons.  To promote her band and get TV exposure.  She told Janelle she is there to promote her music and her DJ gigs.  As a game player she doesn't really have a strategy and Janelle mocks Team Tits and their shitty plans.  Jenn has never watched BB and was recruited on Facebook two weeks before the show starts.  She didn't have to go through Finals and sit in the hotel like everybody else.  She just got an email and got on the plane four days later.

(Dick doesn't know Jenn has a new band called Jenn City and thinks after Kittie that she retired from that part of performing, but that is not true.)

Ashley:  She's like the stoner type and likes her drugs.  She has talked about tripping on acid and mushrooms and that's fun...but in the house she really can't get ahold of much except Benedryl and Tylenol.  (giggles)  She doesn't think she has a strategy and just blows in the wind with whatever someone just told her.

Dick mentions that they were giving her muscle relaxers in the DR.  Janelle confirms this and says she got shots of cortisol in her back--she can't compete in the game, Janelle says.  They both agree that anyone would want to sit next to her at the end.  Dick says people thought she was hiding intelligence in the beginning but don't think that anymore.

Kara:  She liked Kara and wished she had picked her instead of Wil to be on her team.  They had a lot in common and would have worked well together.  She isn't the kind of person to be told what to do and be manipulated--she knew what Mike Boogie was up to. 

Dick says James Rhine called him and wanted to be on the show with Kara.  (I KNEW IT!  I KNEW IT!)  Dick thinks we missed out on someone who would have been fun to watch.  She was a victim of circumstance.  Janelle said that because she wanted to evict Frank and keep Kara, Willie teamed up with Frank to stay and go after Janelle.  It was bad timing for Kara.

Jodi:  Janelle didn't speak to her much.  She says she was in the house for 3 hours at the most.  They knew there was going to be a quick eviction this year based on the number of people who were there, and the Coach twist.

JoJo:  She talks a lot and people thought she was abrasive.  She was super loyal to Willie and Shane, and she says they probably should have evicted Danielle that week to get rid of Dan, too.  (no shit)

Dick told Janelle before the show started that Dan should go first, and Janelle says that advice was ringing in her head when she was evicted. Dick thinks the Coaches Twist was a "pile of shit" and that was the way to get the vets in there and keep them safe for a few weeks.

Dan:  She doesn't understand why he is trusting Mike Boogie.  What is he thinking?  She told Dan that Frank is gunning for him and Dan just didn't see it.  He didn't listen...

Dick says if it were up to Frank, he would have used the POV and nominated Dan.  Janelle agrees.

Ian:  He's a really nice kid...kind of socially awkward.  She likes him going back and forth between the Quack Pack and Froogie.  If she were on the Jury she might vote for him at the end.  He's really nice, but she doesn't know if he's just into the whole BB experience---who in the hell wants to play for Jury?  And he says that all of the time---he wants to go to Jury.

Janelle:  Jury fucking sucks!  You're isolated in a house with a bunch of handlers.  You can't talk to can't drink!  Why would anybody want to be there?

(For the stipend, for someone like Ian.)

Wil:  She knew he was a backstabber when he went back and forth about the plan to backdoor Frank.  He was very angry at Janelle for coming in the game, mad at Big Brother, mad at Production, just a bitch in general.  She told him she would never nominate him, but he never wanted to work with her.  He still doesn't get it and is a frickin' idiot.

Britney:  She's playing the same BB12 game.  A catty, catty girl who wants to hide behind the stronger guys in the house.  She was the only one I talked about the Final Two with.  She says "Good job Britney---I hope you lose".  She has to take Ashley or Jenn to the end in order to win, so that's not very likely.  No one in the game thinks she is a smart strategist.  She may have been put in the house for Janelle to play with, based on the BB7 game results, but she just couldn't grasp the situation.

Dick never found Britney to be funny or cute.  Funny DR sessions don't make up for good game play.  Janelle points out that all Boogie did the first 4 weeks is go to bed early at 9:00 pm---it was so easy to target Frank for eviction because Boogie wasn't around to defend him.  She says that in All Stars, he wasn't considered a target because he went home so early in BB2--he was like Chicken George in the BB7 house for awhile.

Danielle:  Wow...what a complete psycho!  I never called her fat..NEVER!  I was just telling her what JoJo said.  When she told me I was frickin' gunning for her, I laughed!  I mean, seriously.  She wasn't worth my time.

Violet is cooing in the corner and Janelle looks around.  She's getting restless and has been talking to Evel Dick for over 90 minutes now....

Dick thinks that Production wanted Britney to win the Pirate Ship since she is the smallest woman in the house.  They never wanted Janelle to leave like that.

Janelle thinks a man will definitely win this season. And it will likely be Frank Eudy.

Dick says he loves Janelle and she loves him too.  He is very thankful for her time and she would love to come back for more recaps this season.


  1. Thanks so much for this recap! Janelle is my favorite player ever (along with Dr. Will-- and I didn't know about them in real life either and I've always been a hardcore fan)!


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