Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dan Might Need a Medic #BB14

He's out of the Party Room, but is hiding under a towel in the Arcade Room.  Danielle has gone in to ask nursing questions.  She said Dan was scaring her.  Dan keep seeing flashing lights, or something like that.

He got out of the room a few minutes ago, went to the WC and brushed his teeth. Then he went to the Arcade.  Joe went in to see if he could get him some soup and he told Joe he was dizzy.

Danielle sat and talked to him for a minute and then ran to the DR.  They told her that Britney was in there.  Maybe she took Dan's pulse.  Yes, you can see it in one of the pictures.

Danielle came back and took his hand.  Everyone else just keeps chatting and laughing about shit in the kitchen.  Dan asks her if the DR is open yet. Dan keeps saying he needs to get outside.  The walls are closing in and he sees flashing lights.

She is calm and says he is having a panic attack.  She keeps telling him she's trying to get in the DR.

(WTF is wrong with Production? Let them in the fucking DR!)

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  1. tweets have said that he already smiled and winked at the camera...he is faking...


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